Culsion Inert Gas

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Culsion Inert Gas

Post by KryDragonFyre »

Is this a dead resource? I have yet to see this spawn on Valcyn in over a month now. Are they fading this away to deter any new jedi's? lol. Someone please help me figure this out.

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Re: Culsion Inert Gas

Post by Zimoon »

First of all, welcome here :D

Then, all entries here are no better than what you and your friends make them. The database is user driven in and if nobody enters a resource it is not here.

However, all Inorganic resources only have a limited set of resource currently in spawn, and inert gas seldom has more than one at a time. Some of the specific types are more rare than others whereof some only spawn a few times a year. I remember about two years ago when Culsion did not show up for several months and people thought it was bugged, but it spawned eventually.

Remember that there are 13 types of Inert Gas, all of them competing to spawn. They have a lifetime of 6 to 11 days, 8½ days on average, so if the spawn was totally random only 43 different gases have spawned during a year, which would give each type 3.3 times a year. However, some are more rare than others.

No, it has nothing to do with Jedi :P

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Re: Culsion Inert Gas

Post by Aucob »

Only one reactive and one inert gas are spawning at any given time - this is a big change from the old days when you used to have ten or so different gasses spawning at once. It's also very annoying.
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Re: Culsion Inert Gas

Post by Savacc »

As Z has pointed out, one month without a spawn of Culsion Gas is not unusual. In fact it averages four months between spawns. Which gas will spawn is totally random, so you could see back to back spawns of Culsion, or it could be a year or more between spawns.
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