Space RE Guide?

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Space RE Guide?

Post by Ryokincaid »

I've seen guides all over for how to RE ground-pounder junk, but not a real nice guide that explains RE'ing for space parts.

Anyone have a link?
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Post by TradeMaster »

Spacetribe has a pretty good sized list of pre-RE's looted parts for comparison as to good or bad. REing Space loot in general is good for the possibility of getting a disc for a KSE Firespray schematic (8 different discs) There isn't a whole heck of a lot of ship loot that is going to reach that "Lookit what I made" satisfaction via RE.
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Post by Savacc »

After looking for "How to RE Guide" and not finding one, I wrote a quick and dirty guide on the old forums. Ill post it here.
Lets see how much I can muddy the waters here.
The shipwright RE system is completly different, and older, then the RE system from Chapt 5.
Only shipwrights can make a shipwright RE tool. It is found using a shipwright crafting tool. Shipwrights can make the other RE tools as well, since they are gained at the lower "artisan" levels. Those would be made with a generic or WDG crafting tool.
Only space loot can be REed in a shipwrights RE tool. Such space loot will have an "RE level 1-10" in its discription. If the loot lacks this "RE level" it can not be REed. It is either ground loot, a crafted part, or it has already been REed.
To RE something, you must gather togather a number of looted parts equal to the RE level. That is, if you want to make a lvl 3 shield, you must gather 3, RE level 3 shields and put them in your RE tool. Then you activate the tool and those 3 shields will combine to make one REed shield.
From the above example, your RE tool will take the best stat from among the 3 shields and use that to make the final product. This means it will take the shield with the best armor rating of the 3 and use that, then take the best hit points and use that, then take the best mass etc.
There is also a bonus added to every stat. This is determined by your skill, and expertise. I believe at master the progression goes:

Level 1: +1% (+2% with full Expertise)
Level 2-3: +2% (+3% with full Expertise)
Level 4-5: +3% (+4% with full Expertise)
Level 6-7: +4% (+5% with full Expertise)
Level 8-9: +5% (+6% with full Expertise)
Level 10: +6% (+7% with full Expertise)

You will be given a screen to name your REed part. There is very restrictive naming filter. There are tons of restricted names (basically anything Star Wars related) and numbers are forbidden. You can use roman numerals however. The problem is it doesnt give you a second chance to name it and goes to the default name of the first loot you put in the tool.
There is a slight chance, probably about 1 in 100, that you will get a "Firespray Disk" anytime you do an RE. You will get a message, "You find something unusual in your RE tool." (or something like that) and in the tool, besides the new RE part, will be a "Kaurt Engineering Disk, (1-8 ) of 8." When you get a set of all 8, put the 8 disks into your RE tool, activate it and you will get a limited use (2-6) Firespray Schematic.
I think that covers it.
I did finally find a more complete Space RE guide that I recommend: ... _id=272571

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