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Corbantis - stuff to sell

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Ok, so I got an email from Sony inviting old players to play for free for a month. It was part of the Exar Kun release. I've been gone since the NGE, and I didn't clean up all the junk I had collected before leaving. Since I didn't subscribe, I can't post this on the SOE forums. If its acceptable, I'll post sets of items over the next few weeks. In addition to the recycler stuff below, I have some schematics that may or may not be obsolete/rare now, and duplicates of some decorative items.

I have the following items for a good home. Make offers in-game to Isa (Isa Lodeah). You can whisper Isa or Onib, if I'm online. If you have a vendor, make sure you tell me where to deliver your winnings. I'll take offers for 5 days, starting now (5/2/2008 20:30 CDT -5GMT). If someone cross posts this to the official Corbantis Trade forum, I would appreciate it.

4x Metal Recycler
1x Flora Recycler
4x Creature recycler
3x Ore recycler
2x Chemical Recycler

16x Ore recycler schematic
4x Flora recycler schematic
12x Metal Recycler schametic
2x Creature recycler schematic

84x Blue wiring - Yes, one hundred four
18x Red wiring
2x Tumble blender
3x Feed Tube
3x Heating Element
4x Agitator motor
17x Small Power motor
13x Cheap Copper Battery
3x Processor Attachment
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