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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by Sobuno »

Thank you all for your kind words.

I just want to thank you all too for using the site. The ones who kept their server up to date, the ones who helped provide schematic information for us, the ones who just used the site, registered or not. You were the reason we kept this site going... Heck, the reason I joined this project in the first place was because I remembered how useful the original SWGCraft was for my 14-year old self back in 2004 and because SWG, although I haven't played the game for close to six years now, still is something special to me; it was my first real MMORPG and even before I began playing it, I dreamed, not of combat, but of setting up shop as a weaponsmith (Ended up being a chef) in a small desert town (Ended up being Danevang, Corellia instead). The intricate crafting system, with its assembly/experimentation rolls and the resource system, the player cities and the unique communities that followed are things I've been looking for in other MMORPG's and have still yet to find a suitable replacement.

So naturally I wanted to help the crafters of SWG, and I am glad you all like the work put into it; this was actually my first real project and it has been quite a learning experience (Don't tell Slyvampy, but I did not know what a join in SQL was back when I started [For those who do not know SQL, a join is a rather basic thing]), one that I wouldn't be without though. It has been awesome knowing that what I helped create was used by thousands of people (14.500 unique visitors the last 30 days, not counting third party utilities [about 51% of resource actions (Adding, marking unavailable, editing etc.) are taken through the use of third party utilities] + a handful of sites that rely on our data). So thank you all.
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by Ruh »

Yes guys...thank you all very much! It's been a fun ride!
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by panther5150 »

It goes without saying that the bulk of my crafting accomplishments in this game were centered around how amazing this site has been. I check it daily, lol.

Thank you to everyone!!!!
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by Gawo »

Ty for help with finding resouce and place post resouce stat for whole server.

I'm going miss Droid Engineer/Shipwrighting with alt Commando as well as Mast Pilot with reb gunship and freelance. There was tech then just click thing and shot up target on ground or space.

Hopfully there spot for other MMO to fill gap of House and cities/crafting. EVE good with space but its very cut throwt and without a shipwright with ship part system. But does have future space base on RL galaxy layout like Milkway Galaxy. Very much like Frontneer(Elite2). A PC game from '90's.
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by Standard_Ore »

My first post, woot! Sadly in response to a dire situation. First i want to thank everyone for creating such site for us crafters, /tiphat for such efforts! I recall myself getting the game way back when it first launched and introduced it to family and friends who still play today. I recall fond early memories...before the dark times.....before CU/NGE, for which i myself had left the game but always checking the updates in hopes a change. I and my wife really wanted to dedicate some time to advancing the trader professions, alas to be told Dec 15 will be the end of the world. Or does it? There are petitions being drafted to continue SWG and the development of SWG :ANH & EMU are moving along. There are options for us. I will continue to craft up until the last day and post resources, now is not the time to go belly up on things. Star Wars The Old Rep. looks nice and all, but lets be honest, its wow with a starwars skin, not to mention that there is virtually no crafting or player based economies listed. But thats enough ranting from me, there are still harvesters to check up on. Let keep the dream alive and thanks for all your efforts!

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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by HydroTek »

All is not over until the "fat lady" stops singing and exits the stage ..much can happen between now and December. You are correct in your statement, there is still much to do in-game, players can stand around or rage quit ..but I say let's play the game we have grown to love and send it out with a bang, if that is to be it's end.

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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by Monty Burns »

Yep it has been a fun run but I am bitterly disappointed I could not catch the bot for submissions.

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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by Capuccino »

A big thanks to the dedicated people (and entities if any) for SWGcraft! I've been playing galaxies since '04 and only in the past year have I really tried out the artisan/crafter prof's. Galaxies is the only MMO I play and I must say that the crafting system is pretty involved and seems like an MMO on it's own at times. Ahh man...December seems like a long ways yet, but we all know that it's just around the corner... :cry: with TOR just around the corner maybe december may not be too desomber.

Thank you again SWGcraft!!!
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by thegreywolfe »

Indeed, thanks to everyone that has contributed to this being such a great site. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next.
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by Holden »

I resubbed when I heard the news, precisely because it's my last chance to craft under this system. Getting back into SWGCraft (and grabbing the latest SWGAide!) was an essential part of getting organized and crafting again.

Thanks to Sobuno and Slyvampy for the great site, to Zimoon for the fantastic tool, and to all my fellow crafters who help keep the resources and schematics up to date.
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by andhanni »

I can agree more...
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by wrackspurt »

Ya, I'll join in here as well. Thanks for all the patience for a noob who's lousy at math and for all the guides you all so meticulously put together. Seriously would have been lost in SWG crafting without this forum.
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by newcrafter »

I wish to thank the SWGCraft-Team for the great work they did with this side. Even as i know it only for about 2 years, it really improved my crafter-gameplay.

I also want to thank those players who have updated the Eclipse server in the past. you did a great job on this. Sadly i learned late how to make updates to join this work earlier.

Thank you all and good luck in the future.
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by ziso »

Thank you all for this site.
SWG had by far the best crafting system i have ever seen. However, this site enhanced that system by far, becoming an invaluable tool for the games traders.
Hats off to you all.
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Re: Thank you SWGCraft

Post by Auq-Din »

Seconded - without SWGCraft, the crafting experience wouldn't have been as enjoyable - or all-encompassing, for that matter!

Kudos to the whole team :)

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