New idea, hot resorces

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New idea, hot resorces

Post by Neft »

Hey, ive been using this site over the last few weeks, after i got into resource mining...
and, as i am noob (ish) when it comes to resources, i think a good new development would to be add a small category at the top that lists the current spawning "good" resources. Maybe all minerals with over 900 OQ, stuff like that.
I was thinking of this, after i had been looking through the bloodfin spawns, all 400 of them, and not really knowing what is good and what is not, and certainly not having enough harvesters to mine everything i wanted too. Also, with this new system maybe it could disregard some stats im told are useless, Is cold resistance used for anything?

Maybe the filter could just add 10 resources at the top, the ten "best" ones in terms of the useful stats....
While almost all resources are "good" for something, this would help players that were just mining for the hell of it, and maybe selling on resources later, to decide what to mine.
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Re: New idea, hot resorces

Post by Zimoon »

I am not a Developer so I just take the opportunity to say Welcome around :D

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Re: New idea, hot resorces

Post by Tharek Tolemac »

As you said it: Everyone needs other resource stats. So, I use Myres for that.

You add filters for the stats you want and if there is something good spawing, it alerts.

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