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Schematic Details:

NamePyollian Cake
Skill NeededDesserts II: Cakes
Complexity8 - Requires Generic Crafting Tool
Schematic Size1
Resources Needed70
XP Gained120
XP Per Resource1.71
Crate Size25
Quality level High Quality
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Shopping List:

20 Oats
15 Fruits
15 Water Vapor
15 Domesticated Wheat
5 Berries
Resource List:

  1. Requires 10 units of Fruits
  2. Requires 20 units of Oats
  3. - Requires 1 Medium Food Additive (Optional)
    1. Requires 15 units of Water Vapor (Total:15)
    2. Requires 1 Medium Food Bio Component (Optional)
  4. - Requires 1 Sweet Cake Mix
    1. Requires 5 units of Fruits (Total:5)
    2. Requires 5 units of Berries (Total:5)
    3. Requires 15 units of Domesticated Wheat (Total:15)
Experimental Properties:

  • Experimental Filling
    • Filling
      Overall Quality33%
  • Experimental Nutritional Value
    • Nutritional Value
      Decay Resistance50%
      Overall Quality50%
  • Experimental Quantity
    • Quantity
      Overall Quality33%
      Potential Energy66%
Additional info:

Extra sweet cake made with carbosyrup. Eating this dessert increases your attention to detail. giving you and assembly bonus when you craft any sort of item.

Best resources for:

Current resources:

Fruits: No resource available
Oats: No resource available

All resources:

Fruits: No resource available
Oats: No resource available

Used in Schematics:

No schematics found


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