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BM flow chart

Post by xorbok »

Attached is a nice chart with a lot of info on what resources are required and what profession makes what component / subcomponent / machine.

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Post by Ivoro »

Very nice info. I also like thise one which displays better the process of beast-making but doesn't have the resource info:

BM flow chart
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Post by thegreywolfe »

Both of them are nice, and I will be printing them to add to my BM binder.
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Re: BM flow chart

Post by Beladan »

Can you post a copy of the first one as the link seems bad.

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Re: BM flow chart

Post by kelsaka »

Beladan wrote:Can you post a copy of the first one as the link seems bad.
Yep, sorry xorbok but the link is not working for me either.
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