Resource questions

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Resource questions

Post by Jogeka »

I've been gone for nearly 4 years and just started playing again (transferred to Chimaera). I still have many of my old resources with me and am reading back up on crafting and checking out the resource markets.

I understand from reading the architect guides that harvesters are still based on HR/SR/UT and that they currently should avg 960. I have plenty of duralloy steel from the past from my old server that meets that criteria (resources that I used back then to make harvesters). However, I've noticed that overall resource prices for those with great OQ seem to be astronomical now (heard of 150cpu to 300cpu) now for top-of-the-line resources.

Does it make sense to try and sell my old high OQ duralloy steel given the resource markets now or use it to make Elite Harvesters to sell? Seems like a no-brainer given that it appears the overall market price of Elites works out to well under 10cpu but I'm not sure if I'm missing some angle in this analysis.


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Re: Resource questions

Post by wrackspurt »

I'd say if you have the time and energy, make the elites simply because lots of traders are too ready to throw resources on their vendors, but it often seems most structures traders out there are too lazy to go out and make the elites. Depends on the server, of course. Harvesters of all types are overpriced on Eclipse.
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Re: Resource questions

Post by seung-mina »

The prices for High OQ Duralloy are so high, since its pretty rare and its needed for the 4th and 5th gen Lightsabers.
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Re: Resource questions

Post by Zimoon »

Welcome around J, good to see more Chimmers around :)

Either way I am sure you will find crafting at Chimaera great, it seems most stuff is bought off of your vendor sooner than later. I tried Fusions with great hopper size way above market price and they are selling in spite of the price. My guildies sell all kinds of stuff grading from average to server best and seldom lacks something to do, replenishing is a repetitive task :D

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Re: Resource questions

Post by Savacc »

Personally, I could never bring myself to use a high OQ Durralloy Steel on a harvester. As a Shipwright I have too many uses for it. A Durralloy Steel suitable for harvester use will spawn every month or so. A really high OQ Durralloy only comes around in a year or two.
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Re: Resource questions

Post by Soxna_Burafett »

Another fact that makes the price of Duralloy so high, is that it enters in the crafting of laser saber with OQ and CD as requested stats. So, if your Duralloy has both and that you need some cash as a new returned .... your choice :)

... and when you see the number of jedis on every server (must have reproduction rate higher than rats to be so many :lol: )....
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