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Recyclers 101

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 5:55 pm
by Zimoon

Recyclers 101

A recycler is exactly what you expect, it takes small crates of different resources and mix these into a crate of recycled stuff of lower quality.

How to Recycle?
  • The recycler must be in the inventory
  • The inventory must not be full
  • At its radial menu, select a generic resource class
  • Drag and drop resource crates onto its icon
  • A crate of recycled stuff is added to the inventory

Why Bother?

Crafters find recyclers very useful because recycled stuff is great for any kind of crafting where...
  1. quality is not an issue
  2. generic resources are OK
  3. or if factory batches meet 1) and 2)
Also if quality is an issue recycled stuff can be used if it does affect the important stats. Chemical is a good example; recycled chemical has just DR and OQ so any high-end schematic that calls for chemical but not DR or OQ will do fine.

What's a Generic Resource Class?
What's a Type Name?

Any resource class pertains to a parent class, a generic class. For example, Desh Copper can spawn in the worlds and is a specific class, but it is a child of generic Copper, which is a Non-Ferrous Metal, which is a Metal, which is a Mineral, which finally is Inorganic. Recycle Desh Copper and you get Smelted Copper, a generic copper.

When something spawns i the worlds it is given a unique type name. Hence, crates of Desh Copper that originate from different spawns have different type names. Two crates of Desh Copper with different type names cannot be stacked into one crate. A type name is unique and relates to a particular spawn. Once a spawn has depleted that type name will never ever spawn again at that galaxy.

Remember, a factory batch requires exactly the same resources that were used to create the manufacture schematic, the type names must match. Here is the trick, any recycled resource always has the same type name, no matter when you recycle it, this is what makes recyclers that great.

Or put it this way, with factory batches it is tricky to have enough quantity of exactly the right ingredients. But, if recycled resources can be used then you will never run out of stock.

What's the Hitch?

Recycled resources have fixed stats, those that are used are set to 200.

Many resource classes degrade too many levels to be really useful. This is the case with Chemical, Organics, and some others. We want at most one regression step, with some rare exceptions.

Example: recycle Rori Wooly Hide and it turns to Synthesized Hide which is two degradation steps. However, some schematics call for Wooly Hide, from any planet and no quality, but Synthesized Hide is one level too generic to be useful.

There is neither loss nor gain to the amount of resources that are recycled, the units are 1:1.

Known Bugs and Issues

Sometimes the option to select a resource class does not show up. Wait a minute and try again.

Many resources degrade too many levels, as mentioned above.

Recycler Types

There are 5 recycler types: Chemical, Creature, Flora, Metal, and Ore; but there is no Gas.

Shopping List

For a full set, all of

Code: Select all

1 schematic per recycler type
 4 Agitator Motors (schematics or ready-made)
 6 Blue Wires
 8 Cheap Copper Batteries
 3 Feed Tubes
 4 Heating Elements
 1 Processor Attachment
12 Pulverizers
 8 Red Wires
 1 Small Power Motor
 8 Spinner Blades
 2 Tumble Blender Schematics
If a ready-made Agitator Motor is used, reduce the shopping list with 2 Red Wires and 1 Cheap Copper Battery per Agitator Motor.

Notice that some items have the same look as regular loot items, but "our items" does not read the 'sell to junk dealer' but they have other descriptive texts.

All items drop as loot from all kinds of low and medium level NPC:s and at all ten core planets. There is no "best location" or "best NPC".

Per Recycler and Component

Requirement: DE, Engineering Fundamentals II

Agitator Motor Schematic -- component:

Code: Select all

 1 Cheap Copper Battery
 2 Red Wires
40 Ferrous Metal
Tumble Blender Schematic -- component:

Code: Select all

 1 Agitator Motor
 3 Blue Wires
 2 Cheap Copper Batteries
40 Ferrous Metal
40 Fiberplast
Chemical Recycler Schematic:

Code: Select all

 1 Feed Tube
 1 Tumble Blender
50 Fiberplast
30 Gemstone
Creature Recycler Schematic:

Code: Select all

 1 Agitator Motor
 1 Feed tube
 4 Pulverizers
 4 Spinner Blades
50 Fiberplast
45 Steel
Flora Recycler Schematic:

Code: Select all

 1 Agitator Motor
 1 Feed Tube
 1 Processor Attachment
 4 Spinner Blades
50 Metal
Metal Recycler Schematic:

Code: Select all

 4 Heating Elements
 1 Small Motor
50 Fiberplast
25 Iron
40 Steel
Ore Recycler Schematic:

Code: Select all

 8 Pulverizer Items
 1 Tumble Blender
50 Fiberplast
15 Iron
40 Steel

Recycling Scheme by Class

Leftmost is the recycled stuff, regression steps are in parentheses, and expand the abbreviations [planet], [class], and [x] accordingly.

Chemical Recycler

Code: Select all

Chemical Compound
        [planet] Fiberplast (2)
    Inert Petrochemical
        Lubricating Oil (2)
        Polymer (2)
    Liquid Petrochem Fuel
        Known / Unknown Liquid Petrochem Fuel (2)
            Class [x] Petrochem Fuel (3)

Degraded Solid Petrochemical Fuel
    Known / Unknown Solid Petrochem Fuel (1)
        Class [x] Solid Petro Fuel (2)

Combined Radioactive Isotopes
    Known / Unknown Radioactive (1)
        Class [x] Radioactive (2)
        High Grade Polymetric Radioactive (2)

Water Solution
    [planet] Water Vapor (1) 
Creature Recycler

Code: Select all

Homogenized Milk
    Domesticated / Wild Milk
        [planet] Domesticated / Wild Milk (2)

Processed Meat
    [class] Meat
        [planet][class] Meat (2)
        [planet] Egg (2)

Processed Seafood
    Fish / Mollusk / Shellfish Meat
        [planet] Fish / Mollusk / Shellfish Meat (2)

Ground Bone
    [planet] Animal Bone (1)
    Avian Bone
        [planet] Avian Bone (2)

Ground Horn
    [planet] Horn (1)

Synthesized Hide
    [class] Hide
        [planet][class] Hide (2) 
Flora Recycler

Code: Select all

Processed Cereal
        Domesticated / Wild [class]
            [planet] Domesticated / Wild [class] (3)

Mixed Fruits
        [planet][class] (2)

Mixed Vegetables
        [planet][class] (2)

Blended Wood
    Hard Wood
        [planet] Decidious Wood (2)
    Soft Wood
        [planet] Conifer Wood (2)
        Evergreen Wood
            [planet] Evergreen Wood (3) 
Mineral Recycler

Code: Select all

Smelted Aluminum
    [class] Aluminum (1)

Smelted Copper
    [class] Copper (1)

Smelted Iron
    [class] Iron (1)

Smelted Steel
    [class] Steel (1)

Smelted Ferrous Metal
    Unknown Ferrous Metal (1)

Smelted Non-Ferrous Metal
    Unknown Non-Ferrous Metal (1) 
Ore Recycler

Code: Select all

Low Quality Gemstone
    Amorphous Gemstone
        [class] Amorphous Gemstone (2)
    Crystalline Gemstone
        [class] Crystalline Gemstone (2)
    Unknown Gem Type (1)

Low Grade Ore (Igneous)
    Extrusive Ore
        [class] Extrusive Ore (2)
    Intrusive Ore
        [class] Intrusive Ore (2)
    Unknown Igneous Ore (1)

Low Grade Ore (Sedimentary)
    Carbonate Ore
        [class] Carbonate Ore (2)
    Unknown Sedimentary Ore (1)

Low Grade Ore (Siliclastic)
    [class] Siliclastic (1) 

Proposal to SOE

Adjustment: make the resource classes which have several regression levels use just 1 level.

Exception: add new types for recycled Polymer and Lubricating Oil, two classes that are often called for without quality requirements; this is 0 regression level.

Gas Recycler: Inert and Reactive individually.

These improvements would benefit traders who are crafting those several types of components that do not call for quality resources but nevertheless resource types not as generic as what today's recyclers provide.

The recyclers are great, and with minor improvements they will be superb.


Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:32 pm
by awek
Another great guide Zimoon!

Thanks for all your contributions to the crafting community.

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:45 pm
by Feralmonkey
/agree with Awek.
Fantastic updates, you are a real example of how the rest of us ought to be, lol.

BTW I have a bunch, the one I use the most is easily my creature recycler, for turning all those odds and ends of milk into something I can make runs of Bantha Butter.

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:29 pm
by BrassFarthing
Very nice, Zimoon!

...Could we get this stickied?

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 6:38 pm
by Zimoon
BrassFarthing wrote:Very nice, Zimoon!

...Could we get this stickied?
Thanks all of you. I have to admit it is another re-post. Unfortunately I won't re-post my baby, the first I ever wrote, A Medic's 101. But I still wear my Master Doc tag once in a while. And no, I just sat at my fat a$$ making credits for one lousy week, earning my first million that I was in debt for 13 big harvesters. The rest I spent in combat, healing, rezzing, dragging, and Yoda knows what :D

Those were the days *sigh*
But in fact, I enjoy what the game has come to be the recentmost months, great additions, fun and challenging. Sometimes too challenging for an oldie like muself ;)

On stickied posts. While I of course do not dislike the acknowledgment -- I write about stuff I like to help people I eventually will like, thence I write to be read -- in the end of the day I believe it is better to have a collection of links rather than a pageful of stickied threads that nobody browses anyway.

Hence, as soon as I find a forum board with too many stickied threads on top I volunteer to create a link collection for that particular board, including external links of interest. Don't you agree?


Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 6:54 pm
by BrassFarthing
Good point, about having too many stickies.
I'll save the link when I get back on my own computer tonight.

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:39 pm
by Savacc
Im the guilty one for stickying all the threads in the Gen Crafting forum. I too was thinking there were getting to be a lot and maybe we should create a stickied thread of stickied threads. :)

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 9:35 am
by Zimoon
Savacc wrote:Im the guilty one for stickying all the threads in the Gen Crafting forum. I too was thinking there were getting to be a lot and maybe we should create a stickied thread of stickied threads. :)
Nobody has blamed you Savacc, not the slightest. Good to read we are at the same page on this one. So, let's say, unofficially, that we set a limit of about 10, then they goes into a collection page. Shouldn't be a problem since all Mods have editing access to such pages anyway, and we have a dozen active Mods around :)

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:44 am
by gelgamesh
Hey Zimoon,
Great thread BTW. I've heard about these recyclers from a friend and am glad your post gives much explaination about them. He indicated that they must be looted while you have them as craftable. I could get great use out of one of these as i'm destroying crates to make room for new resources. Can i craft one as a 50 lvl struc, and if so how?

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 7:56 am
by Savacc
If you will reread the info at the top of this thread, you will find that the schematics and parts drop as loot. Once you gather all the loot togather, your cl 50 structures trader should be able to make a recycler. However, at this point your best bet would be to buy a recycler that someone else has put togather.
Recyclers are listed on the bazaar under: Misc/Container

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 8:23 am
by gelgamesh
My bad! thanks Savacc! guess i need some Vasarian Brandy in my coffee :roll:

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 1:10 pm
by Zimoon
Some parts drop quite regularly while playing around with your combat toon (if you have one). Otherwise, either buy ready made recyclers at some Vendor (using the Vendor Search at the Bazaar), or by the pieces when you find them (Misc/Generic Item if I remember it correctly).


Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 6:39 am
by gelgamesh
Arg, I'm having a hard time making myself believe that they are worth 125000(thats the cheap one) I think these devious crafters are posting Alt listing just so you think your getting a good deal. Of course, after collecting all those parts, I may feel differently about the situation :cry:

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 10:04 am
by Zimoon
gelgamesh wrote:... Of course, after collecting all those parts, I may feel differently about the situation :cry:
You nailed it :D

Some parts are collected in a snap, but just you wait until you have all eight Spinner Blades :lol:

Spinner Blades were a pain already before NGE, only dropping from certain medium level NPCs at Corellia and a certain class of those that mainly were asleep or somewhere where you were not.

Now the Agitator Motor is a breeze, sometimes coming ready made :) Back in the old days only Corsair Canyon Captain's dropped them. At a chance. He spawned every 30 minutes in a tent heavily guarded by other Corsair minions. Guess if that POI at Lok was camped. Sometimes lucky me encountered him out in the wild, again heavily guarded. The upside was that those dropped Crystals and the Small Power Motor plus a lot of crappy gloves and other junk.

And with junk I mean junk. RE is a late invention in SWG.

Only 125K? Can you buy the pieces for one at the Bazaar for less? Then do that 8)


Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 9:41 pm
by TradeMaster
I was shopping this morning and found a vendor on Lok selling the completed recyclers for 10 credits apiece. The parts and schematics on the vendor, 10mill apiece, but the completed recyclers, only 10 credits. I'm thinking the engineer is a very nice crafter to vend these for so little, just don't abuse his generosity. :) (Bria)

Edit: I have killed myself countless numbers of humanoids, and I have yet to see a tumble blender (schematic or ready made) drop. Before chapter 5 (when recyclers became engineer only), tumble blenders were selling for 1 mill apiece. Now, I've been able to purchase them for 5k or less.