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Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:37 am
by Zimoon
The following posts are a compilation of useful stuff added to the thread as such. That means, feel free to post tips, hints, advices, and suggestions to this thread and I will merge them into the topmost posts, possibly edited but always crediting the original author.
Remember: The idea is to have tips and hints that are useful to newbies, more advanced tips go into Advanced Tips & Hints Compiled. Let the tips keep coming.

I Would Like to Know ...

Search no more, dear Padawan, click here >> Beginners Guide for Traders.
Should that not help, find the stickied threads in the forum boards respectively, or the stickied FAQs at the SOE official forums.

Which Profession Should You Choose?

No Trader disagree that Structure Trader is the only profession of the four that levels up the fastest and you can actually make profit while leveling. Just harvest Ore and any Metal as you play, keep an eye out for the resources to make great Elite harvesters and Crafting Stations, see Architect FAQ. Once Master and you have a decent equipment for your business, if your heart is elsewhere, find a Profession Counselor and respec to any other Trader profession. -- Savacc

Resource Sampling & Resource Scavenger Pet

See Resource sampling macro or Ivii's macro for details:
  • First post in that thread is a macro to set you going 24/7, with or without pet
  • A pet trained as resource scavenger adds another 50% to the yield, second post of the thread
  • A droid with maximized Hand Sampling modules adds another 60% to the yield

Expertize and Entertainer Buff: The expertize adds 25% and the Entertainer's Harvest Fair adds 5% (30% in total) to the harvesters extraction rate when it is put down. These buffs stick until the harvester is pulled up, even if it is transferred to another toon. -- Belisama

Static harvesters: Let some of your toons, perhaps the non-Traders, have harvesters at a location they often pass. Let these suck up what has the highest concentration under them, sort on the rightmost column to find the "best" one. -- Belisama

Empty the hopper in one step: Simply add another zero to the preset number, making it read 1,000,000 and get it emptied in just one step. -- Belisama


Retrieve items from the output hopper without having to stop the running factory: at its radial menu, click Options (not its sub-menu item) and the output hopper opens while the factory continues. -- Onyx, Domestic Senator

Should I Join A Guild?

Usually that is most useful to a new Trader; a guild is usually bound to a city which usually provides you with useful welcome gifts. Probably the city has Diners, a Mall, Barns, etc. Best of all, you will make friends and they are devoted crafters you are blessed with help and guidance. Furthermore, see next tip. -- fridge33sam

Lots and Structures

SWG allows for two characters per galaxy. In the case you have one Trader and one any-other-profession, keep all lots free on the Trader (for harvesters) and let all other structures stay on the other character. Ask non-Trader friends to have factories on their lots and add you to admin so you can maintain and run them. -- Savacc

Double Your Toolbar

The default Toolbar has just one row of buttons, to double it you go to Options >>> Interface and tick the first check-box after the section for the overhead map, it is named Expand Toolbar to a Second Row. -- Zimoon

Re: Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:38 am
by Zimoon
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Re: Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:38 am
by Zimoon
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Re: Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:16 pm
by Belisama
Static harvesters mean:
You place the harvester close to a spot to your home or you often pass. Then you just select a resource with high concentration.

But did you know that you can list the current harevstable resources by concentration at the harvester? That help you picking a resource maybe... :)

Re: Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:17 pm
by Belisama
Are you tired of getting only 100k unit resource stacks at once from harvesters? Especially of elites harvesters?

Then I have a nice “undocumented feature” a friend discovered a few days ago: If you want to retrieve a resource you get a window with a slider and the possibility to type in a number.

You can adjust the amount of resources to retrieve by moving the slider. But he is limited to 100.000 units.
BUT you can type in a 0 behind the 100000. Without touching the slider. And if you hit ok after it - you retrieve whole the stuff from the hopper at once. Even if its more than 400k at once

Re: Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:25 am
by Savacc
After telling new players to read Z's famous guide, I think my next most used advice is that they can make two chars on a server. This doubles their available lots and gives flexability in char classes.

I am totally biased, but I advise new players who want to be crafters, to start as Structures Traders and concentrate on the Architect side of the profession. Unless they really have their heart set on one of the other professions and Structures has no appeal to them. My reasons are: Structures has the easiest "grind". Architect starts off with easy projects, then ramps up to the difficult. Low level Architects can make things that are useful and can even sell. Architects make the things all other crafters will need: Crafting Stations, Factories, Harvesters, Houses.

Re: Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:45 pm
by fridge33sam
My only tip to the beginner is to try and join a guild/Player Association as soon as possible. Here are my reasons:

PAs will usually have cities. These cities will typically have free housing available. This will save a little money, we all know how precious this is when first starting out. Today's cities will also give access to Diners, Crafting Rooms, Barns, and other specialized crafting areas.

PAs will be more willing and able to give, or at least discount, resources and other equipment. Many times over paying 'younger' members for services rendered.

PAs will also have specialists that have been playing longer, and will serve as a great in-game source of information. This site is the best I have ever found, but sometimes, getting a walk through by someone in real time is irreplaceable.

Re: Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:32 am
by Belisama
Always use all your lots! Free lots means money lost... You want to know why ?
Because on a free lot you could place a harvester (if your lazy - place a static harvester) and get some resource for sale. Even for non-traders that's agood idea. Even if you sell the stuff for 1cpu you usual get money from it.
Abnd don't forget the entertainer buff.

If you plan to use static harvesters and you are no trader or don't have the harvester expertise: Find a friend who have it. Let him get a entertainer buff and place the harvester and transfer them to you. The harvester will keep the bonus until you pick it up. :)

If you are no trader or don't want to go into resource business: Ask around if someone buying resources at a regular basis. Often enough you will find someone who buy all resources (and not only special once). That's means maybe a lower price - but it also means that you don't have to think about where to sell the resources you get froma static harvester.

BTW feel free to correct my wording, spelling & grammar ;)


Re: Beginners Tips & Hints Compiled

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:36 pm
by Onyx
Did you know that you can retrieve items from the output hopper of a factory that is running? There's no need to stop it simply to remove crates. Use the radial menu and instead of choosing "stop manufacturing" from "Options", just release your mouse button while it's on "Options". The output hopper window will open and you can remove whatever you need. This works great when you are making subcomponents and don't want to have to wait til it is done to start crafting the item they'll be used in.

SWGAide Tips & Tricks

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:57 am
by Ivii
What macro should I use for AFK sampling?

The Cleanest, most Streamlined sampling macro ever!!

Using this macro you will never "float", stand up then sit, or need to use any sort of annoying emote to break the macro,
plus you will remain in the kneeling position.

You must have 4 points spent in Extraction Efficiency, and 3 points spent in Extraction Techniques for this particular macro to operate properly and give infinite sampling capabilities.

(Name your macro "sample" without quotes)

/pause 5;
/pause 12;
/macro sample;