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Condensed: Lunariel's Guide on Resource Shifts, and more

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:08 pm
by Zimoon

Lunariels Guide --- Condensed

Lunariel's Guide to Resource Shifts has been the Encyclopedia on the subject for years and it still easily holds this position. However, it is somewhat long and extensive. Hence, for the more lazy crafter this is a condensed version. Plus some information compiled from other sources.

Jump To Lightspeed (JTL)
New resource classes were introduced as Shipwright resources with the expansion Jump To Lightspeed, late 2004. Space resources for example, but also these JTL resource classes which are harvested at ground as any other resources are. The JTL resource classes also have a few odd characteristics:
  • no caps
  • longer expected life time
  • spawn at just one random planet
  • each particular resource class spawns just one resource at a time
The "no-caps" allows values to surpass the caps of parent resource classes which often makes JTL resources valuable in schematics where generic resource classes are called for. JTL resource classes are:

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Conductive Borcarbitic Copper
Crystallized Bicorbantium Steel
Fermionic Siliclastic Ore
Gravitonic Fiberplast
Hardened Arveshium Steel
High Grade Polymetric Radioactive
Perovskitic Aluminum
Unstable Organometallic Reactive Gas
Expected Lifetime
The lifetime is random within the expected range, each duration having an equal chance (a "rectangular distribution function" statisticians would say ;)).

Inorganic except JTL resources: 6 to 11 days
Organic (Flora and Creature): 6 to 22 days
JTL resources: 13 to 22 days

Local concentrations have fractions rounded downwards at the survey device which just reads an integer.

Grouped into three categories:
  • High and plentiful:
    Chemicals, Inert Gas, and all JTL resources
    Up to 99%, easy to find spots over 90%
  • Medium:
    Flora, Reactive Gas, Minerals except Ore
    Up to 90%, often have to settle at around 80%
  • Low:
    Ore, Water, Solar and Wind Energy
    Up to 70%, often have to settle around 60%

Creature Resources
The yield from creatures is determined by the combat level of the creature and by the level of the district where the creature drops dead. There are three levels and they are named Fat, Normal, and Skinny. The border between districts can indeed cross a lair --- try to pull creatures to the better side. The levels are per resource class, not one for all. The exact yield is random within a narrow, very slim range for the particular district level and the combat level of the creature.

Pre-NGE (before Dec 15, 2005) Scouts and Rangers read a system message when they harvested a carcass and the text denoted the concentration. The system with concentration districts for creatures is still in place but now there is no dedicated system message, just the harvested amount. Hence, you must take notes on the harvested amount at one location, compare the outcome with another location, and travel around until you find the "Fat" district.

* Lunariel suggested that there is a concentration similar to regular resources and the levels just hinted the hunter in the right direction. It is possible that once so was the case but now it is not. If it ever was the case it was probably changed with NGE when the combat level of the creature was added to the equation. Now the difference in yield from creatures with equal combat level within the same district is negligible.

Feel free to post suggestions that can be added to this condensed guide, or corrections if necessary :)


Re: Condensed: Lunariel's Guide on Resource Shifts and more

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:20 pm
by Savacc
I wanted to think about this a bit before responding, but I think you have it right Z. This answers the top three questions we get on resource spawns, how long do spawns last, what are JTL and how high do the concentrations get? Any questions more complicated then those, probably need a through reading and understanding of the whole guide.

Re: Condensed: Lunariel's Guide on Resource Shifts and more

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:32 pm
by Tinsel
I'm not sure that lazy and crafter belong in the same sentence - it's not possible to be lazy and still be a true crafter! A dabbler, perhaps! :)

Tremendously useful abridgment, as the original guide is a tad long-winded to not much end.

Re: Condensed: Lunariel's Guide on Resource Shifts and more

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:46 pm
by Zimoon
I agree :D

... on the lazy vs. crafter part, I mean.

Re: Condensed: Lunariel's Guide on Resource Shifts and more

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:48 am
by Savacc
cant say I agree with the "long-winded to not much end" part. :roll: