Idiot trying to use SWGAID, and failing

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Re: Idiot trying to use SWGAID, and failing

Post by RebelDawg » Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:41 pm

Trixie9819 wrote:........
a monitor and three guards set up. I might get really brave and steal that one guy's idea for importing guards for munitions, but do it for beastmaster consumables. But not until we hit our deadline next week (crosses fingers)
LOL....actually my goal is to create guards for each and every profession, including jedi, BM, Smuggler etc. Believe it or not there are many schematics that are not related to a Trader profession. Once I have each Profession done, the plan is to combine them all, and set some Higher limits (960=96%). I am trying to gear my Guards towards a "Miners" stand point. That is, someone who doesn't craft, but supplies crafters with the resources they need.

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Re: Idiot trying to use SWGAID, and failing

Post by Trixie9819 » Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:29 pm

I'm slowly getting my guards for BM set up. I have data on the consumables and weights for each thing if you want it. IE Steel with OQ and UT is needed for one component for purity, OQ and SR for the same component for Mutation, and OQ and CD for another component entirely. So they could harvest any of the three, but having a Steel with OQ, UT AND SR would be even better, so that is four different guards, just for steel.

I know many of the professions are like this, but I've only gotten in depth with BM and Chef so far. So I'll be setting up guards for those two :)

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