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NGE version

Post by solarisjedi » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:05 pm


For those playing on NGE based servers, I've forked an NGE version of SWGAide, available for download here:

Many thanks to Sobuno for setting up the nge based schematic and profession feeds here on swgcraft for it to use.

Note that this version is not compatible with the original, or Sobunos Pre-cu version, so if you have an existing old DAT file (or backup DAT files) it will not work. Please start with a fresh installation in it's own folder.

I've included all bugs fixed in Sobunos version in addition to fixing some others. The main difference between this version and precu are the professions and schematics used.

I may further do some tweaks like uncapping inputted harvester BER rates to accommodate if a server is running 2x on resource gathering, etc.

I use it daily while playing on Legends, so it's fairly well tested, but maybe you use a feature that I don't that has a bug. If so I'd like to hear about it, for bug reports and issues of the like please use the issue tracker on github.


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