Producer Note: March 24, 2008

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Producer Note: March 24, 2008

Post by Zimoon » Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:48 pm

Pre-word on Chapter 10 :)

Original thread
DeadMeat wrote:Hi Folks,

As I am sure most of you know, we put Chapter 9 up on TC Prime on Friday and we are very excited about this release and the great feedback we have had so far. We are still doing some internal hotfix testing on the old (frog) testcenter but we should have that opened public soon for Chapter 9 testing as well. As always we invite everyone to come and try the new content for C9 and give us feedback in the supplied threads. The Exar Kun heroic is one of the most challenging ones we have done, with a lot of great puzzles and perhaps the best interior space we have ever created for this game. Its a lot of fun, but not for the faint of heart. The storyteller blueprint system in C9 I think is one of the coolest features we have added to the game for awhile and I cannot wait until we start seeing some of the great layouts we have seen using storyteller props get replicated around. We also added some new collection types as well as the the long awited ITV collection.

The Jedi and Bounty Hunter communities have been fantastic in the feedback they have been giving the devs working on Game Update 3. Whenever we do anything with these two communities it is a challenge since they are very large, vocal and passionate, but I have been pleased with the results so far. I do ask for patience and civility as we work through these updates. I think we are hitting the top five issues as best we can and attempting to be as fair as possible in terms of adding cool things while not too greatly unbalancing the game. I am sure you folks will keep the designers on their toes.

We have started the planning for Chapter 10 and I wanted to give you a small preview. We will be centering C10 on a new quest series based on the Meatlumps and we have decided to have that series be focused mainly on the mid levels (approximately CL 45 - 65 but that may shift around a little). I feel we have not added any major content for these levels for awhile, and this particular stretch can become something of a grind. I expect to take a little heat not to be focusing in on the high levels of the player base, but I believe this is appropriate at this stage of the game. C10 will also introduce our vastly inproved search and Looking-For-Group interface as well. This should really go a long way towards helping folks on lower population servers get together to enjoy all the new content. I am personally commited to this approach of adding to the game to help low pop servers as opposed to other, more drastic measures.

Commandos and Officers are the subject for Game Update 4 so folks from those communities should be sure to be working with their Senators to ensure that their 'Top Five' lists are in good shape.

So again, please check out the Test Centers this week and give the new content a spin and Have Fun!

Lorin W Jameson, SOE Producer, Star Wars Galaxies

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Re: Producer Note: March 24, 2008

Post by Feralmonkey » Fri Mar 28, 2008 6:03 am

hmm... Meatlumps *homer drool*
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Re: Producer Note: March 24, 2008

Post by busymalla » Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:11 am

At long last, the Meatlump King shall finally be revealed to us!


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