Capped BM sub Cmponents

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Capped BM sub Cmponents

Post by Lee'Lu »


I have been trying to cap the Element Fuse made by a DE for the Element processing capsules to break down Hydros for my Beast master. I am hitting a brick wall here. I cant seem to get the subcomponent over 0.91 purity at 95% on exp. I am using the polly cake and bes port both capped with an ENT buff...should I be using a certain exotic on my clothes to help me cap it with some kind of Power u a well?
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Re: Capped BM sub Cmponents

Post by Rommel »

And you have the resource reprocessing expertise?
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Re: Capped BM sub Cmponents

Post by Feralmonkey »

The only way to improve the 'cap' on components is better resources and the Resource Processing of the trader expertise.

a 95% is nothing to sneeze at, the only way to hit 1.00 on purity is to have all resources over 96% of their prospective caps (see the guide on resource caps to understand this better) AND have the resource processing expertise.
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Re: Capped BM sub Cmponents

Post by Zimoon »

And, welcome to our great community here and congrats to your first post :D

If anything is unclear, please post what resources you use and their stats. Plus if you have or do not have the resource quality bonus from the expertize tree.


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