Testing/app development - use swgcraft.co.uk?

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Testing/app development - use swgcraft.co.uk?

Post by Holden »

In the very near future I'm going to attempt to wrap my brain around SOAP and work on updating my perl scripts to directly interface with the site. Obviously part of the development process will be testing things, and testing should always be done away from live data as much as possible.

Before I do anything or throw any wrenches into the works, I just wanted to confirm that swgcraft.co.uk (http://www.swgcraft.co.uk/dev/current_r ... ?server=99) is the server to use for testing things and not just a private testbed for the site devs.

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Re: Testing/app development - use swgcraft.co.uk?

Post by Sobuno »

It's indeed the server to use for testing things. It only has one-way synchronization with .com (Server "SWGCraft.co.uk" => "SWGCraft.com") as they do not export their test server.

Oh, and when you dig into it, note that the HashPass function does not do anything (It just returns what you provide), but remains as to not crash any SOAP clients depending on it. Its description says what you need to provide as input in any md5pass field though (Which is not md5 anymore).

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