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If anyone is bored

Post by Slyvampy » Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:43 pm

All these need sats assigned if anyone is up for the challenge.

Would prefer a CSV or Excel docment, but it doesnt matter
Its only 499 left :) I did one :P would really help, though we can do it, it just takes time away from coding. Really appricate if anyone even fancies doing a bit here and there. (btw these are the lowest level TREE items, and yes we know the kash and mysty ones are missing :(


Agrinium Aluminum - CR, CD, DR, HR, MA, OQ, SR, UT
Alantium Carbonate Ore
Asteroidal Chemical
Axidite Iron
Bal'ta'ran Crystal Amorphous Gemstone
Baradium Amorphous Gemstone
Barthierium Carbonate Ore
Berubium Intrusive Ore
Beyrllius Copper
Bronzium Iron
Byrothsis Crystalline Gemstone
Carbonite Steel
Chanlon Intrusive Ore
Chromite Carbonate Ore
Chromium Aluminum
Chronomite Extrusive Ore
Class 1 Liquid Petro Fuel
Class 1 Radioactive
Class 2 Liquid Petro Fuel
Class 2 Radioactive
Class 3 Liquid Petro Fuel
Class 3 Solid Petro Fuel
Class 4 Liquid Petro Fuel
Class 4 Radioactive
Class 5 Radioactive
Class 5 Solid Petro Fuel
Class 6 Liquid Petro Fuel
Class 7 Liquid Petro Fuel
Codoan Copper
Colat Iron
Conductive Borcarbitic Copper
Corellia Fiberplast
Corellian Animal Bones
Corellian Avian Bones
Corellian Avian Meat
Corellian Berry Fruit
Corellian Bristley Hide
Corellian Carnivore Meat
Corellian Conifier Wood
Corellian Deciduous Wood
Corellian Domesticated Corn
Corellian Domesticated Meat
Corellian Domesticated Milk
Corellian Domesticated Oats
Corellian Domesticated Rice
Corellian Domesticated Wheat
Corellian Egg
Corellian Evergreen Wood
Corellian Flower Fruit
Corellian Fruit
Corellian Herbivore Meat
Corellian Insect Meat
Corellian Leathery Hide
Corellian Reptillian Meat
Corellian Scaley Hide
Corellian Solar Renewable Energy
Corellian Vegetable Beans
Corellian Vegetable Fungus
Corellian Vegetable Greens
Corellian Vegetable Tubers
Corellian Water Vapor
Corellian Wild Corn
Corellian Wild Meat
Corellian Wild Milk
Corellian Wild Oats
Corellian Wild Rice
Corellian Wild Wheat
Corellian Wind Renewable Energy
Corellian Wooly Hide
Corthel Inert Gas
Crism Siliclastic Ore
Crustacean Meat
Crystallized Bicorbantium Steel
Cubirian Steel
Dantooine Animal Bones
Dantooine Avian Bones
Dantooine Berry Fruit
Dantooine Bristley Hide
Dantooine Fiberplast
Dantooine Leathery Hide
Dantooine Scaley Hide
Dantooine Solar Renewable Energy
Dantooine Water Vapor
Dantooine Wind Renewable Energy
Dantooine Wooly Hide
Dantooinian Avian Meat
Dantooinian Carnivore Meat
Dantooinian Conifer Wood
Dantooinian Deciduous Wood
Dantooinian Domesticated Corn
Dantooinian Domesticated Meat
Dantooinian Domesticated Milk
Dantooinian Domesticated Oats
Dantooinian Domesticated Rice
Dantooinian Domesticated Wheat
Dantooinian Egg
Dantooinian Evergreen Wood
Dantooinian Flower Fruit
Dantooinian Fruit
Dantooinian Herbivore Meat
Dantooinian Horn
Dantooinian Insect Meat
Dantooinian Reptillian Meat
Dantooinian Vegetable Beans
Dantooinian Vegetable Fungus
Dantooinian Vegetable Greens
Dantooinian Vegetable Tubers
Dantooinian Wild Corn
Dantooinian Wild Meat
Dantooinian Wild Milk
Dantooinian Wild Rice
Dantooinian Wild Wheat
Dantoonian Wild Oats
Dathomirian Animal Bones
Dathomirian Avian Bones
Dathomirian Avian Meat
Dathomirian Berry Fruit
Dathomirian Bristley Hide
Dathomirian Carnivore Meat
Dathomirian Conifer Wood
Dathomirian Deciduous Wood
Dathomirian Domesticated Corn
Dathomirian Domesticated Meat
Dathomirian Domesticated Milk
Dathomirian Domesticated Oats
Dathomirian Domesticated Rice
Dathomirian Domesticated Wheat
Dathomirian Egg
Dathomirian Evergreen Wood
Dathomirian Fiberplast
Dathomirian Flower Fruit
Dathomirian Fruit
Dathomirian Herbivore Meat
Dathomirian Insect Meat
Dathomirian Leathery Hide
Dathomirian Reptillian Meat
Dathomirian Scaley Hide
Dathomirian Solar Renewable Energy
Dathomirian Vegetable Beans
Dathomirian Vegetable Fungus
Dathomirian Vegetable Greens
Dathomirian Vegetable Tubers
Dathomirian Water Vapor
Dathomirian Wild Corn
Dathomirian Wild Meat
Dathomirian Wild Milk
Dathomirian Wild Oats
Dathomirian Wild Rice
Dathomirian Wild Wheat
Dathomirian Wind Renewable Energy
Dathomirian Wooly Hide
Desh Copper
Diatium Copper
Dioxis Inert Gas
Ditanium Steel
Dolovite Iron
Doonium Iron
Duralloy Steel
Duralumin Aluminum
Duranium Steel
Dylinium Intrusive Ore
Eleton Reactive Gas
Endorian Animal Bones
Endorian Avian Bones
Endorian Avian Meat
Endorian Berry Fruit
Endorian Bristley Hide
Endorian Carnivore Meat
Endorian Conifer Wood
Endorian Deciduous Wood
Endorian Domesticated Corn
Endorian Domesticated Meat
Endorian Domesticated Milk
Endorian Domesticated Oats
Endorian Domesticated Rice
Endorian Domesticated Wheat
Endorian Egg
Endorian Evergreen Wood
Endorian Fiberplast
Endorian Flower Fruit
Endorian Fruit
Endorian Herbivore Meat
Endorian Insect Meat
Endorian Leathery Hide
Endorian Reptillian Meat
Endorian Scaley Hide
Endorian Solar Renewable Energy
Endorian Vegetable Beans
Endorian Vegetable Fungus
Endorian Vegetable Greens
Endorian Vegetable Tubers
Endorian Water Vapor
Endorian Wild Corn
Endorian Wild Meat
Endorian Wild Milk
Endorian Wild Oats
Endorian Wild Rice
Endorian Wild Wheat
Endorian Wind Renewable Energy
Endorian Wooly Hide
Fermionic Siliclastic Ore
Gallinorian Rainbow Gem Crystalline Gemstone
Gravitonic Fiberplast
Green Diamond Crystalline Gemstone
Gurk King Hide
High Grade Polymetric Radioactive
Hurlothrombic Inert Gas
Hydron-3 Inert Gas
Ionite Intrusive Ore
Irolunn Inert Gas
Irolunn Reactive Gas
Kammris Iron
Kaylon Inert Gas
Kelsh Copper
Kerol Fire-Gem Crystalline Gemstone
Keschel Extrusive Ore
Kiirium Steel
Laboi Mineral Crystal Crystalline Gemstone
Lidium Extrusive Ore
Link-Steel Aluminum
Lokian Animal Bones
Lokian Avian Bones
Lokian Avian Meat
Lokian Berry Fruit
Lokian Bristley Hide
Lokian Carnivore Meat
Lokian Conifer Wood
Lokian Deciduous Wood
Lokian Domesticated Corn
Lokian Domesticated Meat
Lokian Domesticated Milk
Lokian Domesticated Oats
Lokian Domesticated Rice
Lokian Domesticated Wheat
Lokian Egg
Lokian Evergreen Wood
Lokian Fiberplast
Lokian Flower Fruit
Lokian Fruit
Lokian Herbivore Meat
Lokian Insect Meat
Lokian Leathery Hide
Lokian Reptillian Meat
Lokian Scaley Hide
Lokian Solar Renewable Energy
Lokian Vegetable Beans
Lokian Vegetable Fungus
Lokian Vegetable Greens
Lokian Vegetable Tubers
Lokian Water Vapor
Lokian Wild Corn
Lokian Wild Meat
Lokian Wild Milk
Lokian Wild Oats
Lokian Wild Rice
Lokian Wild Wheat
Lokian Wind Renewable Energy
Lokian Wooly Hide
Lubricating Oil
Malium Inert Gas
Maranium Extrusive Ore
Methanagen Inert Gas
Methane Reactive Gas
Mirth Inert Gas
Mollusk Meat
Mythra Copper
Nabooian Animal Bones
Nabooian Avian Bones
Nabooian Avian Meat
Nabooian Berry Fruit
Nabooian Bristley Hide
Nabooian Carnivore Meat
Nabooian Conifer Wood
Nabooian Deciduous Wood
Nabooian Domesticated Corn
Nabooian Domesticated Meat
Nabooian Domesticated Milk
Nabooian Domesticated Oats
Nabooian Domesticated Rice
Nabooian Domesticated Wheat
Nabooian Egg
Nabooian Evergreen Wood
Nabooian Fiberplast
Nabooian Flower Fruit
Nabooian Fruit
Nabooian Herbivore Meat
Nabooian Insect Meat
Nabooian Leathery Hide
Nabooian Reptillian Meat
Nabooian Scaley Hide
Nabooian Solar Renewable Energy
Nabooian Vegetable Beans
Nabooian Vegetable Fungus
Nabooian Vegetable Greens
Nabooian Vegetable Tubers
Nabooian Water Vapor
Nabooian Wild Corn
Nabooian Wild Meat
Nabooian Wild Milk
Nabooian Wild Oats
Nabooian Wild Rice
Nabooian Wild Wheat
Nabooian Wind Renewable Energy
Nabooian Wooly Hide
Neutronium Steel
Obah Inert Gas
Orveth Reactive Gas
Ostrine Carbonate Ore
Perovskitic Aluminum
Pholokite Extrusive Ore
Phrik Aluminum
Platinite Copper
Plexite Amorphous Gemstone
Plumbum Iron
Polonium Iron
Polysteel Copper
Quadranium Steel
Quadrenium Extrusive Ore
Rethin Inert Gas
Rhodium Steel
Robindun Siliclastic Ore
Rori Animal Bones
Rori Avian Bones
Rori Avian Meat
Rori Berry Fruit
Rori Bristley Hide
Rori Carnivore Meat
Rori Conifer Wood
Rori Deciduous Wood
Rori Domesticated Corn
Rori Domesticated Meat
Rori Domesticated Milk
Rori Domesticated Oats
Rori Domesticated Rice
Rori Domesticated Wheat
Rori Egg
Rori Evergreen Wood
Rori Fiberplast
Rori Flower Fruit
Rori Fruit
Rori Herbivore Meat
Rori Insect Meat
Rori Leathery Hide
Rori Reptillian Meat
Rori Scaley Hide
Rori Solar Renewable Energy
Rori Vegetable Beans
Rori Vegetable Fungus
Rori Vegetable Greens
Rori Vegetable Tubers
Rori Water Vapor
Rori Wild Corn
Rori Wild Meat
Rori Wild Milk
Rori Wild Oats
Rori Wild Rice
Rori Wild Wheat
Rori Wind Renewable Energy
Rori Wooly Hide
Rudic Amorphous Gemstone
Ryll Amorphous Gemstone
Seafah Jewel Crystalline Gemstone
Sedrellium Amorphous Gemstone
Sig Reactive Gas
Skevon Reactive Gas
Smelted Copper
Smelted Iron
Smelted Steel
Talusian Animal Bones
Talusian Avian Bones
Talusian Avian Meat
Talusian Berry Fruit
Talusian Bristley Hide
Talusian Carnivore Meat
Talusian Conifer Wood
Talusian Deciduous Wood
Talusian Domesticated Corn
Talusian Domesticated Meat
Talusian Domesticated Milk
Talusian Domesticated Oats
Talusian Domesticated Rice
Talusian Domesticated Wheat
Talusian Egg
Talusian Evergreen Wood
Talusian Fiberplast
Talusian Flower Fruit
Talusian Fruit
Talusian Herbivore Meat
Talusian Horn
Talusian Insect Meat
Talusian Leathery Hide
Talusian Reptillian Meat
Talusian Scaley Hide
Talusian Solar Renewable Energy
Talusian Vegetable Beans
Talusian Vegetable Fungus
Talusian Vegetable Greens
Talusian Vegetable Tubers
Talusian Water Vapor
Talusian Wild Corn
Talusian Wild Meat
Talusian Wild Milk
Talusian Wild Oats
Talusian Wild Rice
Talusian Wild Wheat
Talusian Wind Renewable Energy
Talusian Wooly Hide
Tatooine Scaley Hide
Tatooinian Animal Bones
Tatooinian Avian Bones
Tatooinian Avian Meat
Tatooinian Berry Fruit
Tatooinian Bristley Hide
Tatooinian Carnivore Meat
Tatooinian Conifer Wood
Tatooinian Deciduous Wood
Tatooinian Domesticated Corn
Tatooinian Domesticated Meat
Tatooinian Domesticated Milk
Tatooinian Domesticated Oats
Tatooinian Domesticated Rice
Tatooinian Domesticated Wheat
Tatooinian Egg
Tatooinian Evergreen Wood
Tatooinian Fiberplast
Tatooinian Flower Fruit
Tatooinian Fruit
Tatooinian Herbivore Meat
Tatooinian Insect Meat
Tatooinian Leathery Hide
Tatooinian Reptillian Meat
Tatooinian Solar Renewable Energy
Tatooinian Vegetable Beans
Tatooinian Vegetable Fungus
Tatooinian Vegetable Greens
Tatooinian Vegetable Tubers
Tatooinian Water Vapor
Tatooinian Wild Corn
Tatooinian Wild Meat
Tatooinian Wild Milk
Tatooinian Wild Oats
Tatooinian Wild Rice
Tatooinian Wild Wheat
Tatooinian Wind Renewable Energy
Tatooinian Wooly Hide
Thallium Copper
Thoranium Steel
Titanium Aluminum
Tolium Reactive Gas
Unknown Ferrous Metal
Unknown Gem Type
Unknown Igneous Ore
Unknown Inert Gas
Unknown Liquid Petrochem Fuel
Unknown Non-Ferrous Metal
Unknown Radioactive
Unknown Solid Petrochem Fuel
Unstable Organometallic Reactive Gas
Vendusii Crystal Amorphous Gemstone
Vertex Crystalline Gemstone
Yavinian Animal Bones
Yavinian Avian Bones
Yavinian Avian Meat
Yavinian Berry Fruit
Yavinian Bristley Hide
Yavinian Carnivore Meat
Yavinian Conifer Wood
Yavinian Deciduous Wood
Yavinian Domesticated Corn
Yavinian Domesticated Meat
Yavinian Domesticated Milk
Yavinian Domesticated Oats
Yavinian Domesticated Rice
Yavinian Domesticated Wheat
Yavinian Egg
Yavinian Evergreen Wood
Yavinian Fiberplast
Yavinian Flower Fruit
Yavinian Fruit
Yavinian Herbivore Meat
Yavinian Insect Meat
Yavinian Leathery Hide
Yavinian Reptillian Meat
Yavinian Scaley Hide
Yavinian Solar Renewable Energy
Yavinian Vegetable Beans
Yavinian Vegetable Fungus
Yavinian Vegetable Greens
Yavinian Vegetable Tubers
Yavinian Water Vapor
Yavinian Wild Corn
Yavinian Wild Meat
Yavinian Wild Milk
Yavinian Wild Oats
Yavinian Wild Rice
Yavinian Wild Wheat
Yavinian Wind Renewable Energy
Yavinian Wooly Hide
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Post by Beltegrity » Thu Mar 29, 2007 12:18 am

I'll be happy to help out. I'm leaving work now, so I will start as soon as I get home :D
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Post by Beltegrity » Thu Mar 29, 2007 4:28 am

Finished with the list above minus the Astrodial Chemical. I emailed the files to you Sly.

Let me know if there are any problems or anything. :D
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Post by Slyvampy » Thu Mar 29, 2007 3:48 pm

10 points, and lots of kudos, to you sir!!!!

Fantastic, i will get on this right away :) Thank you very much.
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Post by wzydhek » Fri Mar 30, 2007 9:44 pm

Missing any? I have the entire set of stats for all resources, including the asteroids. (even have all the old swgcraft_id identifiers for each).

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Post by Slyvampy » Sun Apr 01, 2007 4:01 am

wzydhek wrote:Missing any? I have the entire set of stats for all resources, including the asteroids. (even have all the old swgcraft_id identifiers for each).
would be great if you could email us what you have, even if its just for confirmation/verification.


You help is most appricated.
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