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Re: the site

Post by Slyvampy » Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:09 am

Sobuno wrote:
wrackspurt wrote:Looked for a place for donations on the site and couldn't find one. Would be willing to PayPal you a donation if you guys want it. Sorry about the exchange sorry rate between the dollar and the Euro. Guess it won't be as impressive once it gets to that side of the Atlantic.
Slyvampy did talk about adding a Paypal link early on in the development, but we've never got around to doing it. Slyvampy is the one with all the expenses though (Except for my lack of sleep), so it is up to him if he wants a Paypal around for helping keep the site running
At the moment, we are still in heavy beta and Sobuno is heading up the programming whilst im off having a baby, yes my fiance is 9 months pregnant, prolly why ive not been around too much recently. We have a sponsor coming on board, but low key and they are just helping funding the server/hosting etc. I didint want to spam the site with adverts etc. as a gamer myself I dont like these. We might put a paypal donations link on the site once we get out of our never ending beta stage; However your contiuned support, community activity and updating the site is more than we can ever ask for at the moment.

Once again thanks, and keep up the good work.

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