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Missing schematics

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:51 am
by Zimoon
Post to this subject schematics that is not yet added to SWGCraft. You may post also if you lack all of the details and we will try to find out somehow. The best info you can provide is a screen-shot of the schematic from your datapad but for looted schematics we also need to know the required profession and level. Maybe how to obtain the schematic: looted (anywhere or just a certain MOB), reward (which covers 'bought' ... where and how), etc.

If you just know the name and/or where/how to obtain that, post that and we will together try to find the details. It is better to have a list of what is missing than not knowing it at all 8) --- Remember that the schematic may exist, but under another name, whether wrong or if it change during crafting so it is filed under its crafted name.

Incomplete schematics: post the info as a comment on the schematic that is incomplete. Moderators occasionally review comments and update schematics.