How to Update SWGCraft - a Guide

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How to Update SWGCraft - a Guide

Post by Zimoon »

How to update SWGCraft

This "guide" explains how to update SWGCraft, which can be done in a number of ways, from using the web page Add Resources to utilizing SWGAide and ISDroids. Also see Belisama's excellent video: SWGCraft Tutorials.

You are encouraged to always submit a new resource, even when you do not have its stats when you learn about the new spawn, see No Stats vs. With Stats. However, as soon as possible, complement these resources with their stats.

Notice: Spell the name of the resource correct. A misspelled name will block a later submission when that name eventually spawns and then the faulty entry must be rectified. How to correct errors is described in a following section.
  • Always verify that you are submitting to the correct galaxy and planet.
  • There exist some ways to find the stats for a resource:
    • sample some of the resource and examine it in your inventory
    • browse the 30k resource deed, a 6 months veteran reward (details later)
    • find some of that resource at for example the Bazaar and examine its stats
  • You can freely test and learn at the test galaxy named play to your hearts content there :)
Remember: Any mistake is possible to correct, so never be afraid of submitting resource data to contribute to the crafting community.

The Web Form "Add Resources"

The simplest way to submit data for a resource is the web form at Add Resources. Type the name, select the resource class, fill in the stats if you have them. Submit! Verify! Done!

At this page there is also an option to submit several resources at a time: at the drop-down list named "Number of Resources to Enter" you just select how many to submit. The table expands to that many rows.

The Text Input Field

Another possibility to submit data is to use the text input field. Navigate to Current Resources and a specific planet at your galaxy, the text input field is found bottommost. The format is easy to use:

Code: Select all

name1,resource class1,stat1a,stat1b,stat1c,stat1d...
name2,resource class2,stat2a,stat2b...
You enter only those stats which are read in-game and in the same order they are read in-game. If you submit resource without their stats, leave them out and complement them later on using the same input field.

A dummy example with three resources, two with stats, one without, and obviously at Rori:

Code: Select all

Anak,Colat Iron,111,222,333,444,555,666,777,888
Amid,Desh Copper
Chew,Rori Water Vapor,888,999

Multiple Planets at the Text Input Field

At the text input field it is also possible to add resources for several planets at once, without having to navigate to the web page for each planet. Simply begin each line with the names of one or several planets.

Remember: it is possible to abbreviate both planet names and resource classes and only type as many letters it takes to uniquely identify the planets or resource classes.

Example (that actually can be shortened even further):

Code: Select all

Nab,Rori,Alphaoil,Lub Oil,897,916
Tat,Dath,Dant,Betagas,Ob In Gas,281,985,765
To my knowledge there is no limit to how many resources you can enter in one batch. Some players prepare the list in-game using the command /notepad <filename> which is saved to harddisk in the folder StarWarsGalaxies\profiles\accountName\ and which can be read with for example SWGAide (described later) or Windows Wordpad/Notepad.

Interplanetary Survey Droid Reports

Interplanetary Survey Droids (ISDroids) are consumable droids crafted by Droid Engineers and usually sold in factory crates. When a droid is dispatched, shortly it returns an in-game mail, a report which lists all current resources for the resource class and the planet the droid was surveying. The resources are listed without stats and way-points, however they are spelled correctly, with proper resource classes, and are guaranteed to be spawning when the report was generated at the specified planet.

IMHO the best droids have 10 charges each, one each core planet, which usually gives a report time of about 15 to 25 minutes. To send them out you also need survey devices for the kind of resource class you want to survey for. Both the survey devices and the droids are consumed and not returned. Hence, manufacture whatever possible from recycled resources and they are almost for free.

Caution: Should you own an Inorganic Survey Device (an extinct Aurillian multi-resource-class survey device), keep it in your backpack where it is out of sight for the ISDroids.

In-game, when the reports have arrived issue the command /mailsave to save the reports to harddisk. At SWGCraft, at the page "Add Resources" there is a link to upload such ISDroid reports. Then browse to \StarWarsGalaxies\profiles\accountName\mail_CharacterName\ and find the ISDroid mails and submit them.

SWGCraft parses the reports and compares them with current data. This way the logic derives depleted resources and marks them unavailable, also new resources are added --- without stats because they are not included in the mails. You are suggested to complement the stats as soon as possible, or anybody else.


SWGAide is an open source application which presents you with support for updating SWGCraft. It takes away many manual steps in submitting resource data. Remember the help files within SWGAide, just press F1 (or use the Help menu) to view the help for the current panel.

First of all you must update Options >> SWGCraft and enable SWGAide to communicate with SWGCraft.

ISDroids: As described above, get some crates of ISDroids and survey devices. Send out the droids, one to each core planet. Wait for the reports and save the reports to file with the in-game command /mailsave.

Switch to SWGAide and the ISDroid panel (at the mail panel). The four lists populates accordingly (press F1 and read the help text for a detailed description). Verify and press the first submit-button to submit depleted and planet-availability information. Then press the button "write to res.txt" which writes to an in-game notes file named "res.txt".

Back in game, open the notes file with the command /note res (do not type the .txt). Now open your 30k veteran reward resource deed and look up the resources listed in the notes file and fill in the stats delimited with any of .,;: or white-space. If you do not have such a 30k deed, find the stats somehow and leave the resources you do not have the stats for as-is, without stats. Once you are done, close the notes file which auto-saves the content to harddisk.

Back in SWGAide, click the second submit-button. SWGAide first reads the notes file and then uploads all of its content to SWGCraft. If there is an error in the file a dialog asks you to correct the error one one way or another, or to cancel. Verify at SWGCraft that everything was successful.

Submit Resources: Another feature in SWGAide is a sub-panel at the main Resource panel which presents you with the feature to submit one or several resources to SWGCraft without the support of ISDroids. More info about this follows in next post.

Rectify Errors

Since all resource data is submitted by humans like you and me it is inevitable that errors happen: misspelled resource names, wrong resource classes, stats in error, erratic planet availability.

Misspelled resource names are the most annoying since they will block future submissions for those names when they spawn eventually.

In the case you failed to correct an issue or if there are "leftovers", post a message at this forum board so a moderator or an admin can look into it. Always include galaxy, resource name, and the class of the resource, as much information as possible.

Wrong resource class and stats in error is serious in the case it is a "server-best" resource for some kind of item, otherwise it is just bad. Erratic planet availability is annoying just during the lifetime of the resource, thereafter it does not matter at all.

Correcting resources:
For current resources, click the pencil icon (Image) which takes you to a web form where you can edit everything but you cannot remove an erratic planet.

For old resources, first find it using the Find Resources feature; then, try to find the correct name by using a 30k resource deed. Most often the resource class is correct, or almost correct, which makes it possible to find the correct name. Rename the resource, verify its class and stats.

For wrongly depleted resources, add the name of the resource to the input field at the bottommost text input field of an appropriate galaxy--planet page.

If you cannot find the correct name, rename it to something such as "deletetheoldname" where you have just prepended "delete" to the old name. Post a note at the forum. Once the old resource is edited and "out of the way", then you can add the new resource.

Old Resources

It is also possible to submit "old resources" which are no longer in spawn. Such resources are highly valuable if the resources have stats which might cap any kind of items, also known as "server-best" resources. However, filling holes in the database is always good from a completeness point of view.

You can add old, "historical" resources at this web form. Exactly as described above, to submit several old resources you can use the text input field at the web page called Current Resources, just use the tags swgcraft_start_old / swgcraft_end. --- In a future support for old resources will be added to SWGAide too.

Good luck


Footnote wrote:How to use the 30k veteran reward deed

The 30k deed is a veteran reward handed out after 6 months, just once per account. It is possible to browse the "deed" to find out which resource has the best stats. It shows almost all kinds of resource classes, and of these classes it shows all resources, both historical resources and resources which are in spawn today. Every time a new resource spawns it is displayed at the end of the list for its resource class.

This fact, that the deed displays everything that is current, makes the deed an awesome "sampling device". Sitting at your workshop, your sofa, or wherever, you can comfortably read the stats of all current resources at this galaxy-wide "device". (Usually new resources are read bottommost of the list, just rarely it is read topmost and then only for that playing session.)

Now there is also a final confirmation dialog after the screen where you read the stats, this was added to avoid accidental mis-clicks.
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Re: How to update SWGCraft

Post by Zimoon »

"Manually" Submit Resources with SWGAide

There is a feature in SWGAide that makes uploading resource data to this site a lot easier, no more copy&paste but just a few mouse clicks and edit an in-game notes file.

A key element in this is an in-game notes file which named "rem.txt" (open it with the in-game command /notes rem). SWGAide scans this file and submits its data to Entries in this file must be on the format the file is
planets, resourcename, recource class, stats
One entry each line. Retain the header since it contains the name of the galaxy you are about to submit data for.

Valid delimiters are ".,:; ", quotes excluded. Exception: U>spaces are not allowed inside and next to the resource class since spaces are part of resource classes.

It is also possible to let SWGAide write current resources to that notes file, filtered on resource classes or planets, and/or filtered on minimum age (since there is no point in checking up on resources submitted just days ago). That output will look like
Resourcename , Res Class, age (days)
, Res Class,

The first kind is for current resources and their age. These may have despawned and been replaced. If they have despawned, depending on the type of class there are a few options described shortly.

The second kind is for resource classes that are always spawning but are missing at SWGCraft. You add their name and stats.

Unchanged resources, no action necessary.
Replaced resources, edit its name and add the stats (this is for resource classes that are always in spawn).
New resources, add them line by line.
Complete missing resources.
Depleted resources, just add the abbreviation depl, before the name of the resource.

Fiberplast and all Organics are those resources that are always in spawn.

Planet names and class names can be abbreviated.
Planetarian resource classes are given a planet automagically.
Names are capitalized automagically.


Code: Select all

Corellia Rori Yavin 4, Amaraz, Lubricating Oil, 789 963
c r y, amaraz, lu oil, 789 963
Evilsoup, dat wa, 987 456
depl, restinpeace
The first two entries are identical, the third entry is Dathomir Water Vapor which is planetarian so no need for a planet, and the last example is a depleted resource.

In SWGAide: Edit and Submit

Load from notes file into the main list of SWGAide.
Entries in error are highlighted on red background and presented as is
Correct entries are more neatly presented on white background.
Resources without stats are presented at a yellow background and will be submitted as is to SWGCraft unless you add the stats by editing them.

These three kinds can be edited at the topmost area, just select the entry you want to edit, by clicking it, and it is added to the upper panel, edit the data and click Apply.

Depleted resources, those you have marked as depleted are presented as is at a blue background.

Submit in the lower right corner; this button starts submitting the resources you have marked as depleted, then resources understood as depleted (derived from fiberplast and organic resource classes that are new), and finally the new resources are uploaded. Any connection error is best read in the log files.
Verify at SWGCraft that the submission was successful.

An example

Creature Resources are not possible to track with ISDroids and you cannot just bring out a survey device to sample some units to read the stats. Then this feature in SWGAide is helpful, assuming you have a "30k device":

At the lower area at the Submit panel, filter on Creature Resources, let Age be at 6 days (minimum spawn time). Write to file, most often you want to erase the previous content. In game, look up all entries in the notes file named "rem", if they have changed, edit them. Close the in-game notepad and go back to SWGAide, load, ensure none is marked red (error), and submit.

Enjoy the new feature and have fun supporting SWGCraft :D

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Re: How to Update SWGCraft - a Guide

Post by Shadowjack »

Hey guys! Figure it's easier to use an existing thread, albeit old, than make a new one.

Is the manual update option still available? I have some updates for my new server in the csv type format described in the vids but do not see that option on the page.
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Re: How to Update SWGCraft - a Guide

Post by Sobuno »

Shadowjack wrote:Hey guys! Figure it's easier to use an existing thread, albeit old, than make a new one.

Is the manual update option still available? I have some updates for my new server in the csv type format described in the vids but do not see that option on the page.
The form for manual submission is at the bottom of the Current Resources page, but only if you have a planet selected.
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