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Shipwright FAQ

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Shipwright FAQ

This game, originally shipped with no space element, it was strictly a ground game. It was not till over a year later, that the first expansion to the game, called “Jump to Lightspeed” corrected that error. With the JTL expansion, players now had vast areas of space surrounding each of the games planetary systems to explore, fight and defend. A new crafting profession was added to build the starships that players would need to play the JTL expansion. Because shipwright was a later addition to the game, there are some subtle differences between shipwright and the other crafting professions.
In Nov of 2005, this game went through a total revamp known as the “New Game Experience”, or NGE. Part of that revamp was to pair two of the old crafting skill sets into one new trader profession. Shipwright got paired with architect to form the new Structures Trader. In many ways its an odd pairing, since the two professions have almost nothing in common except that they both use huge amounts of resources. Though shipwright would have been an odd pairing with any profession since it is so unique.

Why should I be a Shipwright?
Because its Star Wars. You can make weapons, armor and potions in nearly any MMO, but if you are going to play a Star Wars MMO, why wouldn’t you want to make starships and the components that make them go?

How do I get started in Shipwright?
In short, read this:
Zimoon's Guide to Beginning Traders

I would recommend that you concentrate on the architect side of the profession at first. Architect is much easier to learn and has advantages for the newcomer.
See my Architect FAQ for more info

When you have mastered architect you will have the infrastructure and knowledge to begin shipwright.

Note: It is not recommended that you “grind” shipwright schematics for experience. Shipwright schematics give only ¼ of the experience that other schematics do. Another reason to start with architect.

What should I be doing while I “grind” as an architect to get ready for shipwright?
Gather resources. Shipwright is the most resource intensive profession both in sheer quantity and need for quality resources. Shipwrights use just about every inorganic resource in the game. It is easier to list the resources a Shipwright does not use: Gemstones of any kind, Solid Petrol Fuel and Water. Every other metal, chemical and gas is used by shipwrights. Steel is number one resource, followed by Ore, Allum, then everything else.

What “named” resources will I need?
Shipwrights get a break here. All of the “named” resources used in shipwright are known as “JTL resources”. These were new resources added when the profession was added with the JTL expansion. The JTL resources follow different rules then all the other resources. The JTL resources are always in spawn on one planet in the galaxy. At the time, I thought this would be a temporary feature since the resources were new, and that eventually the JTL resources would join the random spawns of the other resources. But its been nearly four years now and the JTL resources are still always in spawn.

The JTL recourses:
Perovskitic Alum
Conductive Borcarbite Copper
Ferminic Siliclastic Ore
High Grade Polymetric Radioactive
Crystallized Bicarbontium Steel
Gravitonic Fiberplast
Unstable Organiemetallic Reactive Gas

Hardened Avershium Steel is also a JTL resource, but is not called for by name in any shipwright schematic.

What about resource quality?
Shipwright is the hardest profession to learn because of this very issue. Nearly every schematic requires quality resources and the stats that are important change, both within the schematic and from schematic to schematic. As an example, the stats which affect the mass on an engine are different then the stats that matter for speed, which are not the same as the ones that affect maneuverability. But a pilot will tell you he wants all three.
The answer is to find the resources with high stats everywhere. High OQ is an almost universal requirement. So while you could be using, say, any steel, the reality is you want the highest class of steel, which is Duralloy Steel, and then only a Durralloy with really high OQ. Other “top class” metals to look for: Phrik Allum, Polysteel Copper, Kammris Iron, Zinsium Carboate Ore, Tertian Soliclastic Ore, Vintrium Extrusive Ore, Katrium Intrusive Ore, all with high OQ as well.

Here is a great discussion of JTL resources and the experimental properties of every shipwright resource:
Lunariel's Guide to Shipweight Resources

If this seems like too much information to absorb, please do not despair. When I first started out, I used any resource I could find to make my ships and parts. Gradually, as I gathered more resources and studied the profession, I began to choose resources that would make better parts, then to search them out. Even now, after four years of being a shipwright, there are still places where I am using less then “perfect” resources, where I can not make a “capped” product. I am confident that in most cases its because that “perfect” resource has not spawned yet on my server, but I am still searching.

How can I tell what level a pilot can use my parts?
Yeah the levels vs what the parts are called is not very intuitive. All crafted Shipwright parts are odd levels only, except for missiles, and weapons have different names then the other parts.

Pilot Lvl - Part Name - Weapon Name
  • Lvl 1 - Mark I - Light
  • Lvl 3 - Mark II - Mid Grade
  • Lvl 5 - Mark III - Heavy
  • Lvl 7 - Mark IV - Advanced
  • Lvl 9 - Mark V - Experimental
Missiles are this way
  • Lvl 1 - Pro I
  • Lvl 2 - Con I
  • Lvl 3 - Seis I, Pro II
  • Lvl 4 - Im-Rec I
  • Lvl 5 - SB I, Con II
  • Lvl 6 - Seis II, Pro III
  • Lvl 8 - Im-Rec II, Con III
  • Lvl 9 - Seis III, Pro IV
  • Lvl 10 - SB II
Counter Measures, only make and use Chaff, the rest give no advantage over Chaff, which is lvl 1.

There are so many subcomponents and things to experiment on, what should I be making?
These are the trade secrets of shipwrights, the knowedge that seperates the wannabees from the true masters. However, Laidbacca has written a well thought out guide on these forums:
So you want to be a Shipwright

Which is better, loot or crafted?
There used to be time when this question would immediately start a flame war with passions running deep on both sides. I think we can agree that most of the time, I would say in 95% or more, crafted parts are better then loot. However, there are some rare loot and reward parts that are better then anything a shipwright can craft, especially after they have been through the RE process. I am no fan of loot and defend crafted parts. However, I have a mix of loot and crafted parts on the ships I fly.

How do I RE parts?
Here is the best shipwright RE guide

The Shipwright Reverse Engineering System is older and completely different then the Reverse Engineering system introduced in chap 5.

How should I spend my expertise?
This is totally up to you, remember any points spent on Beast Master limit what you can spend for Shipwright.
Here is a guide

There are some hard choices here. If you want to be an Architect too, it is not possible to get all the boxes in architect, artisan and shipwright and get the boxes for RE. If you want the RE boxes, you have to cut either architect or artisan.

I am standing in front of a Shipwright Crafting Station, why do I not get an option to make a Factory Schematic?
This is intended. The final assembly of the major schematics must be done by hand. They can not be done in factories. These include all chassis and the final assembly of all major parts. The things that can still be made in a factory are: all subcomponents, all ammo for missile launchers and counter measures, and all the misc stuff like RE tools, paint and texture kits and repair kits.

OK what factory do I use to make the things I can make in a factory?
An Equipment factory, which is the same as a Gen/Droid/Weapon Factory.

What about Crafting Suits, how do I put one togather for my Shipwright?
Here is a guide

Are there any good pricing guides for Shipwright?
Yes, Aria, one of the most loved mods from the old .com site wrote one.
Thundervamp9 has kept it up to date and maintains a place to download it here

What is this thing with the Chassis Dealer and having to take “blueprints” to him to get a ship made? I don’t get it?
Me neither. Here is my opinion on the subject:

I used to have a post on the old .com site where I suggested that the devs who came up with the Chassis Dealer and blueprints should be sent to "Eternal damnation in the furthest reaches of gamer hell."
Someone suggested that there must have been two camps of devs. One wanted NPCs to make all chassis and one wanted players to make them. Players making "blueprints" and then taking them to the Chassis Dealer was the compromise they came up with. I still hate it.
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