Ships for Asteroid Mining

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Re: Ships for Asteroid Mining

Post by dew1960 »

I am so glad this game has been out a while before I started playing. The forums really help me. I had no clue how to mine asteroids. I leveled up to 53 to be able to make some decent starship components but found I needed asteroid resources for a lot of them. It was driving me nuts (yes, I am still a noob) to try and understand how. Now granted, I have yet to take my first pilot mission. I found out that you have to be certified to use certain components and blueprints! LOL

I made some tier III stuff and won't be able to use it until I level up my pilot skills.

It was driving me nuts because the mining laser calls for asteroid resources, but you need a mining laser to harvest asteroids. The whole chicken before the egg thing.

I guess when I go on a mining mission I will be able to mine, then I will have the resources to make a mining laser, cargo hold, tractor beam, etc. to be able to mine stuff. Is that how it goes?
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Re: Ships for Asteroid Mining

Post by Savacc »

There is a mission that gives you a Mark I Mining Laser, Tractor Beam and Small Cargo Hold. Its on Kashyyyk, go to the big tree, in the bar/cantina (dont remember which level that is), and talk to Flash Harrison. At the end of this mission is the deed for the Y-8 Mining Ship. When JTL first came out, doing this mission was the only way to get equipment to mine asteroids. Soon though, people doing this mission had asteroid resources to make better parts and sell them.
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Re: Ships for Asteroid Mining

Post by ciggofwar »

I really detest astro mining trying to fill a 5500 cargo hold, after that i'm done finished no more mining! lol
its the most tedious straining thing to do! well it does improve marksman skills:)
and yes the cap is gone quite quickly, it's a percise slective shooting process followed by a few stray chases when 5-8 pieces roll out

I just out fit my adv X, 3-mk3 lazers lvl 4 driod commands reactor engine cap weapons
I don't really get into the teir 5 space for astro mining if I have too I just disable there engines that way I can mine without being bothered, if I can afford and available any astro resourse I'd rather buy it, I have found that using tractors beams is the same as a mining lazer
in a starfighter.

I find the y-8 better for cocktail parties than mining, fitted with guns for the guests to play with. I just got back into the game again after a bit of an absence. I heard the gunships are better for mining with a group on macro's basically AFK mining.

The days of JTL in the begining were more fun and money was hard to come by getting paid to mine was really fun in a Y-8. I think we need to mothball the Y-8 or have a upgrade package for one player to operate the y-8, driods in the gun bays perhpas. I rather see it turned into fun rather than something boring and mondane.

perhaps a new mining ship and mining process for astro mining, that way also the astro mining stations could also be re-used again make it more involved. From raw resourses, processed, quality & quanity of resourses delivered. make it more business like involved, shares investments insurance protection racketeering blackmarkets hijackings. make it rewarding progressive challanging.

right now its a tedicious thing I have to do for shipwright building.
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Re: Ships for Asteroid Mining

Post by Mibeo »

Rihkxyrk attack fighter, is my choice

Two mk 3 mining lasers, 1 tractor beam.using in combo with reactor and cap overload 4 and weapon overload 3.Of course one of those nice huge cargo holds to.
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Re: Ships for Asteroid Mining

Post by Dregs »

I just started spacing again. I haven't done any spacing since getting hit by the NGE. But anywhos, I have found the JSF to be an excellent miner because of it's high maneuverability. In other words it works great with the macro. I tried to get back into mining using my oppressor. But /tar ast; /fol; only made me fly around and around and around and around the same rock, macro desperately trying to get the ateroid to the middle of my screen for my tractor beam to take effect.

With the JSF I can truly make use of the macro. Break off a chunk, destroy the chunk, wait for screen to stop moving, and fly back to asteroid waypoint and repeat. Only part that requires me to look at the screen is flying back toward asteroid waypoint, and dealing with the occasional bandits. Full 5500 cargo in about 15 - 30 mins, all while watching tv or alt-tabbed browsing swgcraft while the macro collects the asteroids. It's a beautiful thing.

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