SPLIT: My Engineer RE'er...

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SPLIT: My Engineer RE'er...

Post by passionfly1 » Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:25 pm

Savacc wrote:you just need the expertise box that allows you to make socketted items.
no you don't! This expertise just allows you to make the Socketing tool that rips the SEA out of armor/weapon/clothing. Every trader has the ability to make a socketed item regardless of any expertise. Obviously Master Traders (level 90) will have a more robust +assembly skill to give them a better chance to make a schematic for an item that has a socket in it but that's known.

ANY trader, regardless of level has a chance to make a socketable item even if they have ZERO expertise points spent. The higher your level the higher your chance of making a socketed item tho of course.

Its your +assembly skill that determines the chance to make a socketable item not any expertise you may have. The item you are crafting has to have of course the ability to bear a socket. Wall Modules or Booster engines for instance have zero chance of having a socket because they do not have that ability.

The only items that can have sockets are armor, clothing and weapons and now the new cybernetic attachments that DE can craft. So if your a trader that can make any of those you have a chance to make those item socketable. How much of a chance? That is determined by your +assembly skill you possess for that particular item.

Armor, weapons and clothing can only have 1 socket or not have any sockets once crafted. You can not take an item with no sockets once crafted or looted and give it a socket later. That is not possible. Cybernetics can have 2 sockets now (someone correct me if this is still the way its supposed to be due to the update 12 nerf that lowered it to 1 then raised it again back to 2). SOE is wishy-washy with the cybernetics socketing but I'm sure as of this writing you can make 2-socket cybernetics.
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Re: SPLIT: My Engineer RE'er...

Post by Savacc » Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:34 am

Wow I have no recollection of making that statement, but thanks for the correction.

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Re: SPLIT: My Engineer RE'er...

Post by Zimoon » Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:51 am

Savacc, old friend, don't you recall what you did say as close as in October 2007? :shock:
You always surprise me :mrgreen:


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