Any reason to be a weaponsmith?

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Post by thegreywolfe »

Memnoc wrote:
Savacc wrote:Seems to me that the devs decided that weaponsmiths were way too good, and made weapons that did more damage then the devs anticipated. So their answer was to nerf WS to the point no one would want to use a crafted weapon. They didnt want crafters ruining their game again. :roll:
AS IF !!!!!!!!
Hi Memnoc, while I do agree with the topic here, I do have to ask, please don't necro posts older than about 3 weeks old. After that they are past their sell by date and not as interesting. It's better to start a new thread on the topic.
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Re: Any reason to be a weaponsmith?

Post by Josh02886 »

The CR-1 can only be crafted and has some amazing capabilities. I suggest you crafter who are totally saddened by whats happened to weaponsmiths look towards what you can do to get the most out of the class and less about what you can't. Commandos need many weapons too so idk whats with all the class nerf griping. I'm not trying to bash anyone with this post so anyone who's posted this please take from this post no offense as this is not my intent, but truth be told every mando that PVP and PVE's is going to need at least 6 weapons. At leat. That covers all 4 weapons, a pure energy gun, and a pure Kinetic gun (PVP mostly) and thats going to rake in alot of money. So fill your cutom orders, make your capped parts, buy and harvest your rescources, and sell what you set out to sell to make your millions.

Note:I walked into SWG long after NGE & CU. Sorry you haven't let go of how the devs mistreated your game. I hate many things about SWG too. Some things more than others. Weaponsmith core making complexity is my main gripe but at the end of the day it is what it is.

If you guys know of any more weapon types that generate millions and a prized by the masses do tell.
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Re: Any reason to be a weaponsmith?

Post by Savacc »

Welcome around Josh :D

You may not have noticed, but this thread is 3 years old :shock: a whole lot has changed since then. Today, there are many reasons to be a WS. The profession has been revitalized and all is good now. :wink:

Im locking this thread, because there is no point in going over the past.

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