Massassi Enforcer Blade

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Massassi Enforcer Blade

Post by Zimoon »

What is the difference for Massassi Enforcer Blade in ... schem=1483
and ... schem=1574
should one of them be deleted.
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Re: Massassi Enforcer Blade

Post by Seldom_Bored »

If you look at the Source category, one of them says "Looted". This is the schematic from looting it from a boss. The other says "Deconstructed". It is made by deconstructing a weapon that was made before GU 5. The schematic even though made before GU 5 was still looted in order to be made the first time.

They're essentially the same thing though, just looks like someone added both as there are two different schematic "appearances". One is the yellow looking one that is looted, the other is the gray one that is made by deconstructing one.

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