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by mikey10104
Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:24 am
Forum: Reverse Engineering
Topic: *ULTIMATE GUIDE TO REing* including luck/RE Chance guide.
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Actually, for the Armoursmith, Making Mabri Armour Belts is cheapest on recs, and easiest to mass produce. The AA's do work on them.
by mikey10104
Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:09 am
Forum: Munitions - Armorsmith
Topic: Master Armorsmith Registry
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Another AS......LOL

Name: Soowik

Galaxy: Lowca

Company/Trademark (Optional): Ko, Go & Soo Construction

Shop Waypoint, city, planet: Ace's High, Talus
Misc other information:
by mikey10104
Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:03 am
Forum: Resources Discussion
Topic: Adding in resources and stats
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How do I submit stats and recs

I am trying to figure out how to submit Recs on here. Can some one help me out here, plz