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by Taonite
Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:35 pm
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: What Game are you playing
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Re: Memnoc- I'M BACK

Welcome back! :) I've been on and off of the SWGEmu myself, and a silent admirer/user of this site for many years. :oops: I'm running Skyrim, EQII, Allods, and Rappelz at the same time, now that SWG is gone. However, the appearance of an NGE Emu has hopes high! They've got a dummy server up for crea...
by Taonite
Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:14 pm
Forum: Star Wars Galaxies News
Topic: SWG closing down December 15, 2011
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Re: SWG closing down December 15, 2011

But wth don't they give the source code to allow the community continue enjoying it, why?( The most likely answer is, as with many other things, LucasArts. They're rather protective of their IP (Intellectual Property) and just handing it over to someone for free is not going to happen, ever. Hmm, t...