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Schematic Details:

Skill NeededMixology III: Hard Drinks
Complexity10 - Requires Generic Crafting Tool
Schematic Size1
Resources Needed85
XP Gained160
XP Per Resource1.88
Crate Size25
Quality level High Quality
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Server groups
Shopping List:

40 Organic
30 Cereal
15 Water Vapor
Resource List:

  1. Requires 40 units of Organic
  2. - Requires 1 Medium Food Additive (Optional)
    1. Requires 15 units of Water Vapor (Total:15)
    2. Requires 1 Medium Food Bio Component (Optional)
  3. Requires 1 Drink Container
  4. - Requires 3 identical Alcohol
    1. Requires 10 units of Cereal (Total:30)
Experimental Properties:

  • Experimental Filling
    • Filling
      Decay Resistance75%
      Overall Quality25%
  • Experimental Flavor
    • Flavor
      Overall Quality33%
  • Experimental Nutritional Value
    • Nutritional Value
      Overall Quality33%
      Potential Energy66%
  • Experimental Quantity
    • Quantity
      Decay Resistance25%
      Potential Energy75%
Additional info:

T'ssolok is an intense Twi'lek liqour that is always served in a decorative decanter. While the standing flavor of T'ssolok is not particularly good, the aftertaste is delicious. Studies have shown that those who drink this beverage are more receptive to enhancements and may experiance increased enhancement duration.

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Organic: No resource available

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Organic: No resource available

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