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Schematic Details:

Skill NeededNovice Chef
Complexity5 - Requires Generic Crafting Tool
Schematic Size1
Resources Needed10
XP Gained40
XP Per Resource4.00
Crate Size25
Quality level Low Quality
ScreenshotsNo screenshots - Add Screenshot
Server groups
Shopping List:

10 Cereal
Resource List:

  1. Requires 10 units of Cereal
Experimental Properties:

Not Available
Additional info:

Basic alcohol stock made from some kind of cereal resource. This is a component of a beverage and should not be consumed by itself.

Best resources for:

Current resources:

Cereal: No resource available

All resources:

Cereal: No resource available

Used in Schematics:

Mixology I: Cantina Favorites
- Corellian Ale
- Gralinyn Juice

Mixology II: Fruity Drinks
- Corellian Brandy
- Durindfire
- Ithorian Mist
- Veronian Berry Wine

Mixology III: Hard Drinks
- Accarragm
- Garrmorl
- T'ssolok
- Vasarian Brandy

Mixology IV: Regional Favorites
- Bespin Port
- Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud
- T'illa-T'iil
- Vayerbok

Master Chef
- Breath of Heaven
- Breath of Heaven
- Flameout
- Mandalorian Wine
- Mandalorian Wine


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