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Maquoj, Nabooian Animal Bones (SWG:Europe)

% of cap (Cap)65.4% (1000)64.8% (500)18.9% (1000)43.4% (1000)9.6% (1000)
PlanetAdded atAdded byMarked unavailable atMarked unavailable by
Naboo20:02:21 25-06-2015SWGCraft Parser03:00:02 26-07-2015SWGCraft Parser
This resource can be harvested from the following creatures:
a bachelor gualama
a bolle bol
a dappled gualama
a deadly hooded rawl
a domestic tusk cat
a domesticated mott
a falumpaset
a fambaa
a fanned rawl
a female narglatch
a female plains tusk cat
a female swamp tusk cat
a furious devastator
a giant cave veermok
a giant veermok
a gnort
a greater shaupaut
a gualama
a gualama patriarch
a Gungan falumpaset
a Gungan fambaa
a Gungan veermok
a horned krevol
a knotted krevol
a male plains tusk cat
a male swamp tusk cat
a massive gnort
a Mauler veermok
a maverick gualama
a mott
a mott bull
a mott calf
a mountain ikopi
a narglatch
a narglatch
a narglatch cub
a narglatch guardian
a narglatch hunter
a narglatch matriarch
a plains hunter
a plodding falumpaset
a rabid shaupaut
a rogue falumpaset
a rogue fambaa
a shaupaut
a shaupaut hunter
a spiked krevol
a spitting rawl
a stout ikopi buck
a swamp stalker
a tusk cat
an alpha veermok
an elder gualama
an elder pulverizer
an ikopi
an ikopi stag
an Imperial veermok


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