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Unacuxy, Endorian Wooly Hide (Test Center: Nova (Pre-Wipe 1))

% of cap (Cap)42.7% (1000)24.3% (1000)22.5% (1000)58% (1000)38.3% (1000)
PlanetAdded atAdded byMarked unavailable atMarked unavailable by
Endor05:21:17 14-04-2012andyfairall03:00:02 15-05-2012SWGCraft Parser
This resource can be harvested from the following creatures:
a cowardly gurreck
a crazed gurreck
a deranged mantigrue
a gurreck
a gurreck forest stalker
a hilltop gurreck hunter
a mantigrue hunter
a mantigrue night stalker
a mantigrue reaper
a mantigrue screecher
a prowling gurreck
an insane mantigrue berserker
desert gurreck charger


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