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Lekiynivak, Endorian Bristley Hide (Liberator)

% of cap (Cap)31.5% (1000)13.1% (1000)6.5% (1000)20.4% (1000)9.5% (1000)
PlanetAdded atAdded byMarked unavailable atMarked unavailable by
Endor15:25:35 30-03-2012Akshaag03:00:02 01-05-2012SWGCraft Parser
This resource can be harvested from the following creatures:
a blooming jax
a blushing jax
a bounding jax
a diminutive bounding jax
a hanadak ancient
a hanadak drifter
a highland remmer
a lice-ridden remmer queen
a mature hanadak
a mature hanadak rock smasher
a pouncing jax
a rabid squall
a rancid remmer warrior
a remmer carrion keeper
a remmer dune scavenger
a rotten gut remmer king
a squall
a stoneskin hanadak
an elder hanadak matriarch
an elder squall


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