Schematic Category
Installation Deed

This category is a subcategory of Deed

The following schematics belong to either the Installation Deed category or a descendant of the Installation Deed category and can thus be used in a slot that requires an item of the Installation Deed category:

Novice Architect
- Deed for: Equipment Factory
- Deed for: Moisture Vaporator

Installations I: Factories
- Deed for: Food Factory
- Deed for: Structure Factory
- Deed for: Wearables Factory

Installations II: Medium Harvesters
- Deed for: Chemical Extractor
- Deed for: Mineral Mining Installation
- Deed for: Natural Gas Processor
- Deed for: Solar Power Generator

Installations III: Medium Harvesters
- Deed for: Automated Flora Farm
- Deed for: Deep Crust Chemical Extractor

Installations IV: Heavy Harvesters
- Deed for: Fusion Power Generator
- Deed for: Heavy Mineral Mining Installation
- Deed for: Heavy Natural Gas Processor
- Deed for: High Capacity Flora Farm
- Deed for: High Efficiency Moisture Vaporator

Engineering III: Advanced Concepts
- Deed for: Micro Flora Farm
- Deed for: Personal Mineral Extractor
- Deed for: Wind Power Generator

Engineering IV: Complex Systems
- Deed for: Personal Chemical Extractor
- Deed for: Personal Moisture Vaporator
- Deed for: Personal Natural Gas Processor