Schematic Category

This category is a subcategory of Clothing

The following schematics belong to either the Shirt category or a descendant of the Shirt category and can thus be used in a slot that requires an item of the Shirt category:

Novice Artisan
- Simple Shirt

Domestic Arts I: Simple Cooking
- Ithorian Long Sweater

Domestic Arts II: Simple Tailoring
- Ithorian Two Pocket Shirt
- Shortsleeve Shirt

Domestic Arts III: Basic Desserts
- Ithorian Striped Shirt
- Soft Undershirt

Novice Tailor
- Casual Shirt
- Dress Shirt
- Formal Shirt
- Ithorian Tight Fit Shirt
- Ithorian Two Tone Shirt
- Plain Shirt
- Ribbed Shirt

Casual Wear I: Basics
- Ithorian Half Sweater

Formal Wear I: Fashion Basics
- Dress Blouse
- Ithorian Frilly Shirt
- Sidebuttoned Shirt

Casual Wear II: Synthetics
- Flex-form Shirt
- Ithorian Fiery Shirt
- Ithorian Knitted Shirt
- Ithorian Sport Shirt
- Longsleeve Shirt
- Muscle Shirt

Field Wear II: Reinforced Fibers
- Formfitting Undershirt
- Ithorian Easy Fit Shirt
- Ithorian Supported Shirt
- Lined Workshirt
- Reinforced Work Shirt

Casual Wear III: Weather Wear
- Light Bustier
- Small Bustier
- Sports Bustier

Formal Wear III: Gowns
- Flared Cuff Shirt
- Suit Shirt
- Trim Lined Shirt

Casual Wear IV: Complex Clothing
- Ithorian Fade Dyed Shirt
- Leather Trim Shirt
- Sports Wrap
- Wooly Shirt

Master Tailor
- Ithorian Mystic Shirt
- Low-Cut Top
- Metal Bikini
- Revealing Bikini
- Revealing Top