Schematic Category

This category is a subcategory of Clothing

The following schematics belong to either the Jacket category or a descendant of the Jacket category and can thus be used in a slot that requires an item of the Jacket category:

Domestic Arts II: Simple Tailoring
- Shortsleeve Jacket

Domestic Arts III: Basic Desserts
- Casual Jacket

Novice Tailor
- Padded Jacket
- Rugged Jacket
- Wooly Jacket

Casual Wear I: Basics
- Ithorian Block Panel Jacket
- Ithorian Frilled Jacket

Field Wear I: Basic Gear
- Cold Weather Jacket
- Ithorian Cargo Jacket
- Reinforced Jacket

Formal Wear I: Fashion Basics
- Ithorian Tech Jacket

Casual Wear II: Synthetics
- Belted Jacket
- Ithorian Overshirt
- Ithorian Short Trim Jacket
- Scout Jacket
- Tight Jacket

Field Wear II: Reinforced Fibers
- Ithorian Med Team Jacket
- Ithorian Short Cargo Jacket

Formal Wear II: Jewelry
- Flared Jacket
- Ithorian Dress Jacket
- Ithorian Jazzy Jacket
- Suit Jacket
- Vested Jacket

Casual Wear III: Weather Wear
- Ithorian Light Pullover
- Ithorian Warm Jacket

Field Wear III: Martial Gear
- Desert Command Jacket
- Heavy Reinforced Jacket
- Ithorian Sports Pullover
- Spec-Ops Duster

Formal Wear III: Gowns
- Ithorian Heavy Jacket

Casual Wear IV: Complex Clothing
- Pilot's Jacket
- Reinforced Pullover
- Sleeveless Jacket

Field Wear IV: Paramilitary Gear
- Ithorian Officer's Jacket

Formal Wear IV: High Fashion
- Chef's Apron
- Dress Robe
- Dress Uniform Jacket
- Ithorian Apron
- Ithorian Fade Pattern Jacket
- Long Formal Jacket