Schematic Category

This category is a subcategory of Clothing

The following schematics belong to either the Headwear category or a descendant of the Headwear category and can thus be used in a slot that requires an item of the Headwear category:

Domestic Arts I: Simple Cooking
- Headwrap

Casual Wear I: Basics
- Ithorian Newsboy

Field Wear I: Basic Gear
- Swoop Helm

Formal Wear II: Jewelry
- Bake Master's Cap
- Small Ithorian Chef Hat

Casual Wear III: Weather Wear
- Ithorian Racing Gear
- Large Headwrap
- Sunguard
- Warm Hat

Formal Wear III: Gowns
- Decorative Headdress
- Ithorian Religious Cap
- Kitchen Master's Hat
- Pouffy Ithorian Chef Hat

Casual Wear IV: Complex Clothing
- Twi'lek Bone Crest
- Twi'lek Lekku Wrap

Formal Wear IV: High Fashion
- Ithorian Ceremonial Garb

Master Tailor
- Grand Twi'lek Headpiece
- Lekku Ys'rak
- Twi'lek Noble's Crest