Resource Quality
Resource Quality Calculator - Originally developed by Graymane @ Modified by Sobuno.

Enter the weights associated with each attribute in the schematic as a percentage. Then enter the quality values for each resource that you want to compare. You can compare up to 6 different attributes and 6 different resources.

For example, if you have a schematic that depends 40% on one attribute and 60% on the other, you would enter 40 under Weight 1 and 60 under Weight 2. If you have two resources to choose from with Quality 1 of 200 and Quality 2 of 300 and the other with 250 and 250, you would enter 200 under Quality 1, 300 under Quality 2 in the first row. Then do the same for the second resource in the next row.
Weight 1 Weight 2 Weight 3 Weight 4 Weight 5

Weight 6

Resource Name Quality 1 Quality 2 Quality 3 Quality 4 Quality 5 Quality 6 Total Value
The best resource is