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Points are given based on the following rules:
Update Stats = 5pts, Resource Entry (With Stats) = 10pts, Make Unavailable = 1pts, Resource Entry (Without Stats) = 3pts, Verifiy Resource = 1pts, Delete Resource = 0pts

Please show your appreciation
If you find the current resources section of this site useful then please show your appreciation for all the hard work put in by the people who keep this site up to date by making an in-game donation. Please either use the in-game /tip command to reward the top contributors with some credits or meet up with them if you want to reward them with items. Even a thank-you email can go a long way.

You can find the server and character name in the 'Contact Information' column below. If the user has 'Private' in their 'Contact Information' column or it's left blank then please respect their privacy and do not try to contact them.

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