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January 23rd: Maintenance by Sobuno
 Monday 23rd January 2017
Tonight I have upgraded the forums to version 3.2.0 of phpBB. This should hopefully help alleviate some of the spam issues we have...
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Forum: Site/Forum Discussion
Thread: Aonite, Polymer - Reckoning (6 replies)
Hello again

Can we get Aonite, Polymer (SWGCraft Parser) removed? This is another weird typo where the correct was alre...

Forum: Site/Forum Discussion
Thread: New NGE server - Stella Bellum (2 replies)
Hi! I was an old NGE player who used to update this and the original SWGCraft with religious fervor. I wasn't able to figure out...

Forum: Site/Forum Discussion
Thread: Myasme, Tatooinian Egg (4 replies)
Can we get Myasme, Tatooinian Egg removed? This is a typo carried over from GH, the correct version is Myasmee and already exists...

Forum: SWGAide
Thread: SWGAide connection issues since today... (2 replies)
Since today i cant login to swgcraft with Swgaide. New Resources are still updated. But if i want to upload new ISDs reports i get...