Data Export
If you run a SWG web site or are developing a SWG application then this is a feature of the site that you might be interested in. All of the current resource data from this site is available in XML and CSV format.

Every hour the current resource data from this site is dumped out to XML and CSV files, which are available for download. If you run a SWG web site and want to show resource information or if you are developing a SWG application based on resource information then you can grab a copy of the files and incorporate the data in to your site or application.

Here are the rules that must be adhered to if you make use of this feature:

1. You must place the following text and link in a prominent place on your web site or application:

Resource data provided by

Anyone found not displaying this text and link may be banned from the site.

2. You are not allowed to charge a user for access to this data, either real money or in-game credits. Using the data to support a premium service is fine as long as the user is only paying for access to data other than the resource data provided in the export files e.g. waypoints. If you are using it to support a premium service then the data provided in the export files must be viewable by all users on your site, not just the premium members.

3. Please use this static data rather than screen scraping the data on the site. Screen scraping puts extra load on our database, this feature doesn't.

4. We cannot guarantee that this feature will be available at all times (server downtime etc.).

5. You must code your web site or application to only download the XML or CSV file when there is a new one available. There is no advantage to be gained from downloading every time you need to access the data and it will keep our bandwidth usage figures down. You can use the status files (see below) to find out if a new version of the file is available.

6. To preserve bandwidth the XML and CSV files are supplied in gzip format. Your web site or application must be able to decode gzip files. See the links at the bottom of this page for help with this.

The links to the full resource files are:

If you are only interested in the resource information for a specific server then seperate XML files are available:

And seperate CSV files are available:

There is also a status file available, that allows you to get the date when the files were last generated (in UNIX timestamp format, as are all the dates in the files):

XML and CSV versions of the server, planet and resource tree data are also available:

Resource Tree XML
Resource Tree CSV
Server XML
Server CSV
Planet XML
Planet CSV

Also, a resource class mapping is available that shows the link between our internal ID and the old ID:
Resource Class Mapping

-The SWGCraft Project Development Team