About The SWGCraft Project
The SWGCraft Project was started in March 2007 as a successor to SWGCraft.com, the crafting site for Star Wars Galaxies.

As the founder and sole administrator of SWGCraft.com, Trokk, had not been heard from since the beginning of 2006, people started wondering what would happen with the site. It turned out that the site was on auto-renewal, but the speculation about the future of the website increased over time, the users fearing the worst.

On the 8th of March 2007, Slyvampy posted a thread on SWGCraft.com asking if there was a need for an updated version of the site (See the first page of the thread here). The reactions to the query were mixed; some believed that crafting in SWG was dead while others were worried that a new site might stretch the community even thinner. A few were positive, saying that SWG needed an updated site for crafting now that it was finally beginning to recover from the NGE. Slyvampy decided that there was a need for a new site and registered SWGCraft.co.uk. On Saturday 24th of March 2007, the forums were opened to the public, and soon after, the initial team of developers and moderators had been recruited.

The SWGCraft Project quickly began to develop, and basic functionality was available in the summer of 2007. All the resources from SWGCraft.com had been imported by the end of July, and two-way synchronization was in place around the same time. The SWGCraft Project was still relatively unknown to the average crafter, but a series of outages at SWGCraft.com, every time believed to be the end of SWGCraft.com, lead to word about the new site getting spread. SWGCraft.com continued its bumpy course untill the 27th of April 2008 when the, now spam-infested, site finally died.

This lead to a massive boost in the number of visitors on the SWGCraft Project, which caused a few outages over the following months. After a rather lengthy outage at the end of July, Slyvampy announced a server upgrade, which took place at the beginning of August 2008. This moved the project to its own dedicated server, hopefully ensuring stability in the future.